Brutal Assault FESTIVAL RELEASES full sets VIA NEW Vimeo channel

Brutal Assault were thrilled with everyone’s huge interest in the short live videos from Brutal Assault published on their YouTube channel, which now has more than 53 thousand subscribers!

Fans have been asking for full concert sets for quite a while and BA have been looking for a way to deliver. Editing full shows is much more time and money consuming, but in the end they came up with an idea how to get you what you want! Let us introduce their new Vimeo channel:!

Available are full concerts in the very top quality, with more to be added gradually! The proceeds from the small viewing fee are not only to cover the production of videos and copyright fees, but are also divided between the festival and the artist. So with your purchase you support both Brutal and your favourite band!

For starters they have prepared three recordings. The already legendary set of Animals As Leaders from 2016 (video), attacking 4 million views on YouTube, followed by the old school blasphemers Sadistic Intent (video) and uniquely insane Vampillia (video). BA are already working on the next ones!

From Brutal Assault – The YouTube channel doesn’t end and will continue to offer the short videos, while Vimeo is just expanding the recordings which you’ve been writing about for years. So thanks again for your interest and let’s go!


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