INTERVIEW: NAMTAR (ex-Carach Angren Drummer)


Interview by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Ivo “Namtar” Wijers is best known as the former drummer in symphonic black metal/horror Metal act Carach Angren from the Netherlands. Namtar was with the band since their formation in back in 2003 but after releasing a statement back in February 2020 this year has since left the band due to issues with the metal music industry.

See Namtar’s original statement about his departure here:

We wanted to find out more about his decision to part ways with the band following this as well as what lies ahead for the future (however uncertain things may be during the pandemic)…

What were you expectations for the band in the early days?

Basically none. I’m with friends making music I like and show what I can do. It’s years later after first albums / tours that you can actually tell where things are going and how you can navigate and what to expect.

What age did you start playing drums and what are some of your main influences?

I started around the age of 16. Nicolas Barker I still like best.

So getting to now, you have since left Carach Angren after releasing a statement in February 2020 about the way the metal music business is and the way things were surrounding this lead to your departure, can you elaborate on your main issues and why you felt it was time to leave?

There are to many, it’s the combination of all. And like I said if it’s eventually touching the show, I’m gone. It’s the basic main reason why I’m in a band. And again, problems can be solved. But many don’t even need to occur if you’re the professionals that you claim to be, it’s just common sense. Apart from the fact many extra communication is needed eating up your time, it’s annoying, there are usually costs involved. One guess who needs to cover it… A few of many things: Merchandise doesn’t show up or to late. Your rider is again not present at festival, flights booked wrong or not at all. On an important headline tour, your latest album is not even in stock? At some point I’m done with all these (basic) things.

You played your last show with the band back in March, how was it for you (especially given the current state of the world now), how did it feel knowing that it was the last one?
The new guy wasn’t available so I took care of it to help out, that’s it.

What has the reaction and support been like from the fans and fellow musicians in the industry?
Fans of course were sad, but they understood like anyone else. I’ve got great support in my decision. Only positive reactions on it on my channels and inbox exploded. Thanks again guys!

Did the fact that your brother was in the band make it more difficult or easier and how does he/the rest of band feel about the industry and your reasons for leaving?

No, after weighing the facts and look into the future I make decisions and move forward. The guys understand and say the industry is very bad indeed. But we’re all different people. Like in the statement: I’m not a follower, I’ve always been making my own path.

I believe I read you recorded the drums on Carah Angrens’s upcoming album, “Franckensteina Strataemontanus” which is due for release June 26th 2020, can you tell us a bit about that process especially with everything going on or was everything okay at that point?

I did my best there as always, but it doesn’t feel like my album because of the situation of course and some more reasons.

As we are currently in lockdown due to covid 19, what have you been doing to keep yourself sane, are you working on any new projects?

Which is absolutely unnecessary at this point in my opinion. I’m making music with some friends for fun and I’m working on a series of funny instruction videos for drums and technical things.

Check out the teaser video for upcoming drum videos from Namtar:

What else have you got planned (perhaps when things resemble normality?)

Nothing special at the moment.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us or add? Maybe some lockdown tips?

Yes, don’t let media and governments talk fear into your brainbox about the current situation. Keep your eyes open, do your own research and talk with same minded people (common sense). Avoid the sheep. Ignore and laugh at terms like “the new normal” “1,5mtr society” (stay positive). And get yourself a nice anti lockdown shirt. For example at

To find out more on Namtar visit:


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