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Post/Doom Metal Group LOVIATAR Stream Entire New Album

Canadian post-rock/doom four-piece LOVIATAR (pronounced low-vye-ah-tar) are giving fans an early taste of their brand new self-titled album, out tomorrow via Prosthetic Records. Take a listen here via Decibel Magazinehttps://www.decibelmagazine.com/2017/07/27/full-album-stream-loviator-loviatar/

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Post/Doom Metal Group LOVIATAR Reveal “Nascent (Stygian Wyrm Part I)” Lyric Video

Canadian post-rock/doom four-piece LOVIATAR (pronounced low-vye-ah-tar) have posted a lyric video taken from their self-titled debut full-length, out worldwide on July 28, 2017 via Prosthetic Records. The track, “Nascent”, is the first of their three-part “Stygian Wyrm” opus and can be viewed here:

The band comments on the track, “‘Nascent’ is the first movement of LOVIATAR‘s “Stygian Wyrm” trilogy. The song relates the birth of a dragon in fire, death and thunder, his formative years in solitude and his experiences among humans. Focusing on human failings, corruption and the inevitable apocalypse, LOVIATAR‘s debut opus will be released over the coming weeks.”

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