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LANCER – New Album Out and 2nd Track by Track trailer launched

“Great Swedish energetic power metal with stunning technical virtuosity and brilliant melodies! A must have album!”


“»Mastery« is like a dream come true for anyone who needs mature arrangements and a slight touch of melancholic darkness in the majestic songbook of traditional power metal. LANCER will easily become the next sweet obsession for fans of early HELLOWEEN, EDGUY and HAMMERFALL, but starting from this album their personality is stronger than ever.”
ROCK HARD (I), Emanuele Biani

“This album is a modern retro masterpiece – in the vein of IRON MAIDEN and HELLOWEEN. It’s fast, it’s melodic – it’s all you need!”
SCREAM (N), Stig Ødegaard

“A technical and majestic masterpiece! With »Mastery« LANCER bring fresh air to the power metal scene!”

The wait is over – LANCER‘s label debut, »Mastery«, is out now through Nuclear Blast Records. The cover artwork of this outstanding 10-track record was created by Dimitar Nikolov (ROSS THE BOSS, MAJESTY) once again. The final layout was done by Marcelo Vasco (SLAYER, MACHINE HEAD,…).

Order »Mastery« now: http://nblast.de/LancerMasteryNB
Order »Mastery« digitally: http://nblast.de/LancerDownloads

In celebration of the release day, the band from Karlstad, Sweden have revealed the second and final part of the track-by-track series today. This clip features snippets of the following tracks:

06. Follow Azrael
07. Freedom Eaters
08. World Unknown
09. Widowmaker
10. Envy Of The Gods

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LANCER – post first track-by-track trailer for »Mastery«, kick off European tour tomorrow!

LANCER - post first track-by-track trailer! - 2017-01-112017-01-11 – The wait is almost over, LANCER‘s label debut, »Mastery«, will be released on Friday through Nuclear Blast Records. To give their fans another taster of what to expect from this upcoming studio album, the band has launched the first track-by-track trailer today. Click here to learn more about the first five songs of »Mastery«:

This first out of two track-by-track clips features snippets of the following tracks:
01. Dead Raising Towers
02. Future Millennia
03. Mastery
04. Victims Of The Nile
05. Iscariot

Pre-order »Mastery« now: http://nblast.de/LancerMasteryNB
Pre-order »Mastery« digitally and receive the singles ‘Future Millenia,’ ‘Mastery’ and ‘Iscariot’ instantly or stream them now: http://nblast.de/LancerDownloads

Tomorrow, LANCER will kick off their European tour with also Sweden-based metallers HAMMERFALL and space metallers GLORYHAMMER to present »Mastery« live on stage. The band will be opening these evenings, so make sure to be there in time!


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