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Exivious embark on final tour supporting Textures

Photo-credit: Cloakature Photography

Time to say goodbye! Dutch progressive quartet EXIVIOUS are kicking off their final dates before completely disbanding at the Boerderij in the Dutch town of Zoetermeer tonight. EXIVIOUS are joining TEXTURES, who are also embarking on their last tour as direct support with EXTREMITIES as opening act. This progressive road-trip will continue through France, Spain, Ireland, and the UK before the ultimate curtain at the O13 in Tilburg, the Netherlands on December 2nd. Do not miss this last chance to see EXIVIOUS and TEXTURES!

A list of all confirmed shows can be viewed below.

unnamed (22).jpg

03 Nov 17 Zoetermeer (NL) Boerderij
04 Nov 17 Utrecht (NL) Tivoli de Helling
08 Nov 17 Paris (FR) Backstage BTN
09 Nov 17 Toulouse (FR) Connexion Live
10 Nov 17 Madrid (ES) Caracol
11 Nov 17 Barcelona (ES) Apolo 2
12 Nov 17 Lyon (FR) CCO
15 Nov 17 Manchester (UK) Rebellion
16 Nov 17 Dublin (IE) Voodoo Lounge
17 Nov 17 Glasgow (UK) G2
18 Nov 17 London (UK) Underworld
02 Dec 17 Tilburg (NL) 0

EXIVIOUS operate in a space where metal meets jazz-fusion and post-rock. The band blends a wide variety of musical genres into a coherent, unified sound that’s driven by a penchant for lush soundscapes, technical precision, and sporadic time signatures. EXIVIOUS have toured Europe extensively, playing shows alongside bands such as OBSCURA, SPAWN OF POSSESSION and GOROD.

EXIVIOUS critically-acclaimed final album, ‘Liminal’ is still available at the Season of Mist shop. Artwork and tracklist of ‘Liminal’ are shown below.

unnamed (24).jpg

  1. Entrust
  2. One’s Glow
  3. Alphaform
  4. Deeply Woven
  5. Triguna
  6. Movement
  7. Open
  8. Immanent


Avelion To Tour With Angra!

The metal band Avelion will be opening act in Angra tour 2018 with Operation: Mindcrime, Halcyon Way

22.03 BELGIUM – Moonlight Music Hall [DIEST]
24.03 FRANCE – Le Forum de Vauréal [PARIS]
25.03 FRANCE – Ninkasi [LYON]
27.03 SPAIN – Razzmatazz [BARCELONA]
28.03 SPAIN – Sala Rock City [VALENCIA]
29.03 PORTUGAL – Hard Club [PORTO]
31.03 SPAIN – Sala Mon Madrid Conciertos [MADRID] Continue reading Avelion To Tour With Angra!

VI, TEMPLE OF BAAL and THE ORDER OF APOLLYON reveal split trailer

French black/death metal artists VI, TEMPLE OF BAAL and THE ORDER OF APOLLYON have revealed an audio trailer for their upcoming 3 way split release on Agonia Records. The trailer is available at this link:

On March 31st, three of the finest French black/death metal acts – VI, TEMPLE OF BAAL and THE ORDER OF APOLLYON – will find their way into the winter-chilled turntabel’s, thanks to a new split release. Divided into three chapters, the recording will feature one brand new song from each of the bands, with a playing time nearing 25 minutes.

BST (Aosoth, ex-Aborted, The Order Of Apollyon and VI) can be thought as a link between all three band’s. Apart from being an active musician, he served as the producer of the upcoming split. With the exception of drums, all instruments were recorded, mixed and mastered at his own BST Studios. Drums were recorded at Hybreed Studios and Studio Vallet, respectively.

Chapter One: “Trident Of Flesh” (The Order Of Apollyon),
– Caput Secundum: “Non Sum Dignus” (Temple Of Baal),
– Troisème Chapitre: “Aucun d’entre vous ne sera sauvé. Car c’est impossible aux hommes et tout est possible à dieu. Il ne va rien rester de vous, rien de votre nombre, de votre grandeur” (VI).

The split will be available in the following formats:
– regular black LP (with laser etching on side B),
– limited to 200 copies red LP (with similar laser etching),
– limited to 100 copies gold LP (with a patch and similar laser etching).

Pre-orders: https://tinyurl.com/vitobtoo

The new material will see all three bands plunge into their creative potential and will shed some light on what to expect from them in the future. In the words of the band’s themselves:

Being a part of this split along with Temple of Baal and The Order Of Apollyon was an opportunity for us to release a new single track. We thought we were done for a while with creating new music since the release of De Praestigiis Angelorum, but it appeared that we still had more to do. Expect something slightly different from what we’re known for. Expect something unique” (VI).

“Split releases have paved Temple Of Baal’s history through the years as special items in the band’s discography, done with special bands strictly chosen for their common views on Black and Death Metal as sacred works of Left Hand Path dedication. Once more, Temple Of Baal teams up with bearers of the Black Flame to bring a three-fold testimony of Faith” (TEMPLE OF BAAL).

“Joining forces with Agonia for a fresh new start for The Order, we deemed appropriate to release something special. We chose to share this one with artists that we respect not only as musicians, but also as genuinely devoted human beings. The song we wrote for this EP is also meant to give you a taste of what’s to come on our side in the near future” (THE ORDER OF APOLLYON).


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AOSOTH Release Second Studio Srailer

French black metallers AOSOTH are in the process of recording their fifth studio album, and today they have released a new trailer. It’s available here:

AOSOTH started recording their new album in July, 2016. Its release date has been shceduled for 2017 on Agonia Records, while its title is yet to be revealed.

The band’s two-track EP “IV” was released last October on Agonia Records. It serves as bridges between their fourth full-length record “IV: Arrow In Heart” (2013), and the upcoming one.

More details will follow soon.

Upcoming shows:

16.02.2017 Reykjavík @ Oration Mmxvi, ISL (with Mgła, SvartIdaudi, Sinmara)

21.10.2017 Bucharest @ Rites of Black Mass II, RO (with Blaze Of Perdition)

First trailer:

AOSOTH on-line:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aosoth/

Agonia Records:
Website: http://agoniarecords.com

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Diktatur – “L’Agonie d’Un Monde”

Diktatur – “L’Agonie d’Un Monde”

Label: Melancholia Records
Release Date: November 28th, 2016
Genre: Black Metal
Country: #France
Running Time: 19 min

Guitares, Bass, Synthetizer & programming : Aizko :
Drums : Thorgis
Voice : Thsymgor


01 – Comme une Ombre
02 – L’Hérétique
03 – Par le Fer & le Feu
04 – L’Agonie d’Un Monde

Founded in 2008, DIKTATUR is a black metal band from the South-West of France and the Basque country. The band draws its inspiration from the concept of the “strong way” (violence, horror, fighting the unbeatable, etc…) where hope dies and death is the only solution.
Late 2010, DIKTATUR self-released its debut album entitled LA VOIE DU SANG (translation: The Way of Blood). The takes place mainly in the context of trench warfare, facing the horror and the threatening eye of Death. Despite a minimal promotion, the album has been exported to Spain, Greece, Germany, Norway and Thailand.
During 2015, DIKTATUR reveals four new pieces taken from the unfinished outline of the successor of LA VOIE DU SANG and makes it a EP in 2016 : L’AGONIE d’UN MONDE (translation: The Agony Of a World).
Once again, the group proves that it is not easy to put a label on their creations and offers us here 4 titles of a perfectly mastered Black Metal with deep and varied atmospheres. L’AGONIE D’UN MONDE depicts in music an unstoppable mechanism, that of a slave-like order (Comme un ombre) and oppressor (L’hérétique), ready to destroy everything to rule over nothing
(Par le fer et le feu, L’agonie d’un monde). Mastered at [X]-LAB STUDIO (The Prisoner, Numenor …) this EP also marks a major turning point for DIKTATUR with several changes of line-up and its entry into the renaissant label MELANCHOLIA RECORDS (Orakle, Bornholm, Hecatombic, Numenor, Straasha, Unholy Matrimony, Malefilencia, The Prisoner …).
Do not deceive yourself, under this name which makes him fantasize more than one, DIKTATUR does not support any political or philosophical current. Only music reigns supreme.

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