French technical death metal band The Scalar Process are on to something. They’re playing insanely fast and catchy technical death metal with loads of melodies and infuse atmospheric bits in their music that elevates them over their peers. 

No Clean Singing premiered a brilliant track  AT THIS LINK. Here’s an excerpt from the extremely well written feature – 

“flamboyance is only part of the album’s attraction, because the band are equally skilled at creating contrasts, enabling dramatic changes of mood and the introduction of atmospheric elements that are vital in making the songs memorable as well as pulse-pounding”

Track listing –1. Elevation
2. Cosmic Flow
3. Ink Shadow
4. Celestial Existence
5. Mirror Cognition
6. Poisoned Fruit
7. Azimuth
8. Beyond The Veil of Consciousness
9. Ouroboros
10. Coagulative Matter
11. Somnambulation

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