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SINCARNATE: ‘Curriculum Mortis’ lyric video released

The Romanian doom/death metal masters from SINCARNATE have just released a
lyric video for the song Curriculum Mortis:

The song Curriculum Mortis comes from the album In Nomine Homini that will
be released on 1st of April by Hatework. Recorded during June – September
2016 at the Consonance Studio in Timisoara, to Edmond Karban and Cristian
Popescu (both members of Dordeduh and former members of Negura Bunget) who
along with Andrei Jumuga have produced, mixed and mastered the album.


SINCARNATE – In Nomine Homini will be available as a 6-fold digipak, with
a 16 pages booklet but also as an extended version with a different
graphic presentation and two bonus-tracks. The extended version will be
also available in a very limited box-set edition hand-crafted by
traditional carpenters and cast iron craftsmen, containing specific
artefacts to the concept proposed by the band in this new material.


Track list:

01. Attende Domine
02. Agrat bat Mahlat
03. Curriculum Mortis
04. She-Of-The-Left-Hand (Sophia Pistis)
05. In Nomine Homini
06. The Grand Inquisitor
07. Lamentatio Christi
08. Dies Illa
09. Liviatan
10. De Luctum Perpetuum (bonus)
11. Atonement (bonus)

The new SINCARNATE album will be distributed starting with the 1st of April:

As digipak, both versions, at SINCARNATE distributor’s selling points, but
also online, on their specific platforms, and their partners sites:
– Bestial Records & LetsRock, http://www.letsrock.ro, http://www.bestial.ro/
– Niche Records https://www.nicherecords.ro/
– Loudrage Music http://loudragemusic.com/

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SUBMIT YOUR SONG for the Dark Art Conspiracy Compilation Album!

We are currently looking for bands and artists that are interested in joining Dark Art Conspiracy in our first compilation project!

Therefore, we want to invite all bands and indie labels within the metal genres to submit their songs.

This is a promotional opportunity for your band to reach a highly targeted audience.

for further details, please contact to sam@darkartconspiracy.com

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Doom Metal act REFLECTION return after 8 years!

Pitch Black Records is thrilled to announce its 50th album release with the signing of legendary Greek Epic/Doom Metal act REFLECTION!

REFLECTION, the driving force of Hellenic Epic/Doom Metal, will be celebrating their 25th anniversary next year and they are now back, with their fourth album, “Bleed Babylon Bleed”! It’s been eight years since the band’s last offering, making this an eagerly awaited release; and with a new vocalist in their ranks this becomes an even more anticipated release!

unnamed (81).jpg

As this is quite a special release, label founder, Phivos Papadopoulos, felt the need to briefly comment:

“Our 50th release just had to be special. And this is as special as it could get, for a number of reasons! I remember discovering REFLECTION in the early ‘90s and receiving their demo tape after writing to them and how I was blown away by their music. Even more importantly though, since the day we first made contact, a truly unique bond has been formed between myself and the band’s founder and guitarist, Stathis Pavlantis.

A bond that has certainly stood the test of time and has grown more and more throughout the years; we are not just friends, we are family now and the emotions associated with releasing this on my own record label, twenty-something years after we first “met”, cannot easily be put into words. I agreed to sign REFLECTION without even listening to their new album (which I haven’t regretted one tiny bit of course)! Here’s another fine example of that something that makes metal so magical and special I guess!”

With nine track of pure solid epic doom heavy metal, “Bleed Babylon Bleed” has all the elements that have defined REFLECTION’s superb musicianship throughout the years. The band has matured since a long time ago, yet their sound is even more refined now and full-bodied, still incorporating their signature fast to mid and low tempo song ranges. “Bleed Babylon Bleed” is just oozing with atmosphere, epic melodies and powerful emotions as it deals mainly with the Pontic Genocide (as well as genocides in general). The final track marks the album’s culmination as it features a Pontian lyra (masterfully played by Pavlantis) that takes a lead role, beautifully mixed with the rest of the instruments, for an utterly bone-chilling effect.

Special mention should be made to the guest appearance of Mats Leven of CANDLEMASS. Besides his majestic input on this album, this is also of particular importance since CANDLEMASS have always been a primary influence for REFLECTION. Other noteable guest appearances include Albert Bell (FORSAKEN) and Kostas Tokas (RELOAD).

“Bleed Babylon Bleed”, is out on April 7th worldwide on CD and Digital. Pre-orders are up at http://store.pitchblackrecords.com and http://pitchblackrecords.bandcamp.com. A track is now available for streaming and free download at http://www.pitchblackrecords.com.

George Thomaidis – Vocals
Stathis Pavlantis – Guitars
George Pavlantis – Drums
John Litinakis – Bass
Iraklis Loukakis – Keyboards/Backing Vocals

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Abysmal Grief – “REVEAL NOTHING”

Abysmal Grief – “REVEAL NOTHING”
 Release Date:  November 2nd, 2016
 Country:  Italy
 Running Time:  78 min
Lord Alastair – Bass
Lord of Fog – Drums
Regen Graves – Guitars (1996-present)
Labes C. Necrothytus – Keyboards and Vocals

1. Cursed Be The Rite (Bonus Track – recorded in 2016)
2. Exsequia Occulta (2000 – Exsequia Occulta MCD)
3. Sepulchre Of Misfotune(2000 – Exsequia Occulta MCD)
4. Hearse (2002 – Hearse 7”EP)
5. Borgo Pass (2002 – Hearse 7”EP)
6. Creatures From The Grave (2004 – Split W/Tony Tears 7”EP)
7. Brides Of The Goat (2009 – Split W/Denial Of God 7”EP)
8. The Samhain Feast (2009 – The Smhain Feast 7”EP)
9. Grimorium Verum (2009 – The Smhain Feast 7”EP)
10. Celebrate What They Fear (2012 – Celebrate What They Fear 7”EP)
11. Chains Of Death (2012 – Celebrate What They Fear 7”EP)

“This is where the living make a religion of respecting the dead. This is where the dead make a religion of preserving their lives”.

Purveyors of some of the finest and most cursed Doom Metal, Italy’s own Abysmal Grief returns from the shady graveyard to celebrate their 20 years. TERROR FROM HELL is proud to release this luxurious relic containing: “Reveal Nothing…” CD with all the songs from their singles, splits and 7” , including one new unreleased track “Cursed Be The Rite”; the “Mors Te Audit” tape (the infamous second demotape, originally released on a limited edition of 13 pieces, presented with the same cover and layout); metal pin with Abysmal Grief sigil; exclusive poster; t-shirt exclusively designed for this release … and cemetery soil. All these doomed hymns and devotional items are housed in a wooden box strictly limited to 100 pieces. A lugubrious journey from the band’s earlier steps into the misty sepulchre in late 90s until 2012. Those who already owns the original items released back then and those who doesn’t will be both pleased with such release, which celebrate twenty years of Occult Italian Sound.

Join the ride, the hearse to Borgo Pass begins its dreadful journey at the stroke of midnight.



“Since then, according to the beliefs of these people, Melissa returns to wander among the living, and what seems incredible is that the persons to whom she appears dies under mysterious circumstances.”

Continuing along the grievous march with their own style of Cursed Doom-laden Rock which already established the band as one of the best Italian act, Black Oath returns from the other world to cast evil spells and damnation in the form of this 4 tracks mini-album.
Including new unreleased tracks recorded between 2012 and 2015 , and a tribute song to the late Terry Jones from Pagan Altar, crafting “Highway Cavalier” and “Reincarnation” (off The Time Lord ep) as a medley. Black Oath’s own well-blended massive and flinty riffs, haunting melodic solos and clean, summoning vocals are here well-preserved, slightly adding a more heavy and gloomy mood to the whole thing. Feel the horror creeping into your soul!

Label: Terror From Hell Records
Release Date: October 17th, 2016
Country: #Italy
Running Time: 19 min

A.th – Vocals/Bass
Bon R. – Guitars
Chris Z – Drums
Gabriel – Guitars

1. …From Here
2. Funeral Alchemy
3. Reincarnation Of The Highway Cavalier
4. A Song To Die With

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Here is a new interview with the Australian Death/Doom band “The Maledict”  

1. Please tell us about the history of your band “The Maledict” and its members.

We’re a death/doom band from the middle of nowhere in Australia and have been playing since 2012 – Karl (Freitag, drums) and I had been in a band together previously, while for the other half of the band this is their first project.

2. What made you guys decide to form a band?

Stuart (McCarthy, bass) and I had been messing around for quite a while with random recordings (we did lots of terrible and strange covers and parodies, which shall remain sealed away forever). As things went on, I started probing into recording more and more until I’d ended up with a small collection of actual demo material, though at the time I had no real plans for it. I think at some point we were drunk, had been jamming for a few hours and made the decision to start a full band and start taking it seriously. We ran into Karl at random in a bar a few nights later – Karl and I knew each other via previous bands we played in, so we cornered him and said “We’re starting a band and you’re in it.” He just shrugged and said “Okay,” and he’s been with us ever since! Henry was the last addition to the lineup and we started gigging about half a year later.

3. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?

Early on, our stuff was sounding very, very different from how it does now. Our first few song ideas had a very gothic metal-esque thing going on, a la Type O Negative, Sentenced, later Cemetary etc. As we kept going, I started taking on more influences from stuff like Celtic Frost, dISEMBOWELMENT, Novembers Doom etc and the music started to get quite a bit heavier and a lot darker. The old gothic influence is still in there but it’s very downplayed.

4. Your new album “Dread” caming out as self-released how did you decided to release it by yourself? have you tried to contact to any labels yet?

It just kind of happened that way (: We’d only been planning on doing either a second demo or an EP, but as we kept working on it the scope for it just grew and grew. We have looked at a few labels but didn’t feel a massive amount of pressure yet since getting a widespread distribution is something almost anyone can just do themselves in this day and age. It’s certainly not off the table, but we were content to just do our own thing for the moment and see if anyone cares – first and foremost it was a project we did for ourselves.

5. How did you guys came up with your band name and is there some specific meaning behind it?

“Maledict” is an archaic term for “cursed”. We just thought it sounded cool and seemed appropriate. It’s not really symbolic of much, we just needed a name and Fluffy Bunnies was already taken.

6. Could you tell us about the lyrics / themes /concepts you focus on or plan to focus on? How did the all ideas come about, and how do they influence the writing process?

I’d been talking about the importance of sentiment and honesty in art with someone a few years ago and that led to me deciding that I wanted ‘Dread’ to be both the title and the theme of the album. Fear, uncertainty and regret make up a big part of it. The lyrics and music are all dressed up in a fantastical kind of aesthetic, but most of it stems from that listless feeling one gets when you realise you’re well into adulthood and still haven’t found any sense of purpose to your life, your past is peppered with things you regret and you’re carrying around a heap of emotional scar tissue.

I hate that idea of being dominated by the ‘wille zum leben’, the natural inclination that you’ll just be born, grow up, subsist, reproduce, die and then that’s it — and when you are trying to resist impulse that and look for meaning elsewhere, you arrive at a deep sense of nihilism that you’ve got to work through. I found myself becoming repulsed by seeing other people who seem to be unknowingly resigned to their impulses, and then doubly disgusted with myself when I did a double-take and realised I was no different.

There’s a good product waiting at the end of all that, I think, but all said, it felt good to take the album as an avenue to just indulge myself and channel all the negativity in my head into something tangible and constructive. It was hugely cathartic and I think the result was something really pure.

7. Band has been formed 2012, Do you remember your first show and what was it like?

Yeah, we opened for a show headlined by Witchgrinder and Sydonia – I had the flu and a bad case of stage fright, one of us had only played one show in his life and one of us had never been on the stage at all. All said, we were pretty sloppy and statuesque, but nobody died so that’s cool I guess. We’ve gotten better since, bwaha. (-:

8. Do you have any amusing stories from when you recorded your album or when you where on the road?

It all seems pretty normal at the time, but in hindsight, I can only weep for all the hotel clerks that have to spend their days coming into rooms where there’s a microwave oven and a bar fridge under the covers of one of the beds and all the pillow cases have been stuffed with Cheetos…

9. Tell me a little about the releases you have and where they are available for purchase?

We’ve got a demo with really shitty production called ‘Salvation in Yielding’ which came out two years ago and a brand new album called ‘Dread’ which I think is quite a lot better. By the time anyone’s reading this they’ll both be up on our bandcamp site: http://themaledict.bandcamp.com

10. Let everyone know what the band has planned for the future.

Now that the album is done we’re intending to just push it as hard as we can – gigging as much as our schedules and lives will allow for, sorting out new merch and maybe even look at widening our distribution of the LP. In the meantime there’s always more music in the pipeline as well, though I’m hoping it’ll be in later 2016 after we’ve all had some time to take stock of things when we can start putting some new music in the slow-cooker.

11. Where can we listen to your band and where people can buy your stuff?

Same place as above, themaledict.bandcamp.com. If I’m not lazy and have actually got it together in time, we’ll also have a website together at http://www.themaledict.com

12. Anything else you think you want to add and people who haven’t heard about you before, should know?

Eh, we’re alright I suppose.

Check out THE MALEDICT official sites: