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The great metal festival starts soon, August 9th to be precise, but if five days of non-top action in Czech is not enough for you, even afterparty is an option on Sunday in Modrá Vopice in Prague. Rock on!


Brutal Assault #25 Info

Did you know that you can re-watch some great moments from previous shows of Brutal Assault? So before the real thing in about two months happens, here you with some Polish luxury article.

And here is the list with other bands and videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/BrutalAssaultOFFICIAL/videos

Brutal Assault #25 info

Summer is close and with it , at last, anniversary Brutal Assault in Jaroměř, Czech republic. The festival located behind the walls of the old fortress will offer to you not only music but quite a bit of other amusement as well.

Thirst and hunger is going to be satisfied by various stonewall pubs and bars, so you you can have a bit of rest under the roof, guarded against hot sun or the opposite – rain. There are lot of places to rest in in dungeons or grassy chill zones as well. Movie fains will be happy for horror flick cinema, too.


Brutal Assault #25 info

While we can expect the biggest bands at the event, even the new promissing ones could be witnessed. From the biggest ones and for the first one, we can expect the Polish imp himself – Nergal. Not with Behemoth tho, but with his other project Me and That Man. Another highlight is going to be legendary King Diamond with his Mercyful Fate.

From the less known names the festival will give us some old school doomy stuff from Pentagram with their controversial frontman. Psychedic needs will be satisfied by Oranssi Pazuzu. At last Canadian black metal from Panzerfaust is in the Europe, too. This time in the bigger event than small clubs. (In)famous Gaahl is going to play his black metal with his G. Wyrd this year as well.

If you like modern stuff, death core bands as Lorna Shore or Rings of Saturn shall make you happy.

If you prefer experiments, Psykup is going to deliver some with their mix of genres. Melt-Banana from Japan will be at Brutal Assault as well with their crazy combo of grind and noise.

There will be another first timers of course. More in the image. Stay tuned for more info.

Brutal Assault #25 Info

We remind that Czech giant event Brutal Assault is not only for fans of extreme metal. Chance to perform is given also to artists from other genres, although the hard core is still there. The experimental stage is also present in the “absinth bar”.

And even if there are some well known legendary bands playing, there is no real concept of headliners and fillers. Every band goes full throttle.

Brutal Assault #25 Info

If you worry about your cellphone turning off due low juice, don’t. There will be available locking cases with charging USB port.

Also, if you will have a booking for a hotel near the festival in Hradec Králové and not wanna use a cab, there will be more buses at late hours than before. So the ride back to your room should be little more comfortable.