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TOTALSELFHATRED premiere new track “Cold Numbness”

Today, Finnish black metal mavericks Totalselfhatred premiere the new track “Cold Numbness” at heavily trafficked web-portal The track hails from the band’s long-awaited third album, Solitude, set for international release on April 27th via Osmose Productions. Hear Totalselfhatred‘s “Cold Numbness” in its entirety exclusively HERE.


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Finland’s TOTALSELFHATRED set release date for long-awaited third album “Solitude”, reveal first track

Today, Osmose Productions sets April 27th as the international release date for Totalselfhatred‘s long-awaited third album, Solitude.

Perseverance through adversity, creation through destruction, strength through pain. After years of waiting, skulking, and lying near-dormant, Totalselfhatred has returned to the fray. They are here to present you five songs of our their particular brand of melancholic desolation in an audial form. Turn off the lights, wallow in the sweetness of reclusive negativity, and let yourself float freely in the soothing stream of emotion that their epitome of Solitude will provide.
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Turkish Black Metal Duo ZIFIR Release ‘Kingdom of Nothingness’ / Album Streaming

Kingdom of Nothingness from Turkish Black Metal duo ZIFIR is out now on Duplicate Records. The album is available on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, Bandcamp and all other digital platforms. Stream the album in its entirety at
ZIFIR have existed for more than a decade in the deep confines of the underground, previously releasing two full-lengths and one split album with Cult Of Erinyes. Now, with their third album Kingdom Of Nothingness, the Turkish two-piece of Onur Onok and Nursuz have crafted a unique piece of darkness. Skillfully blending eastern European and Scandinavian influences into their very own sound, ZIFIR evoke haunting imagery of desolate fields and vast ruins, all soiled in blood. Rather than the standard “Hail Satan” perspective, lyrically Kingdom Of Nothingness is a condemnation of all man made religion, seen from a Turkish point of view.

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THE OMINOUS CIRCLE premiere new video

Portuguese death metal sect The Ominous Circle premiere a new video for “As the Worm Descends”

The track hails from the band’s critically acclaimed debut album, Appalling Ascension, released earlier this year in Europe via Osmose Productions.  See & hear The Ominous Circle‘s “As the Worm Descends” video in its entirety exclusively HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

VETER DAEMONAZ sign with OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS, prepare label debut

Osmose Productions is very proud to announce the signing of Russian black metal band Veter Daemonaz!

A statement from the band’s I.S.M. reads: “From the very foundation, Osmose Productions has been a place for the most powerful metal music acts, many of which influenced us as people and musicians. Therefore, we are particularly grateful for the opportunity to spread the Word under its banners.”

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Brazilian evil doom band THE EVIL sign with OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS, reveal new video

Evidence of evil on the face of the earth has never been so present. Every day, thousands are killed, tortured, raped, and robbed… The greed of politicians, the perversion of the sadists, the indifference of the drug dealers, the falsehood of the priests, the wrath of the killers… Daily examples that the DOOM is near!

Maybe a bomb will do the service… Maybe an epidemic…. Maybe our addictions… Maybe our own hands! A barren land will be left for the cancerous who dare to survive…

And as long as the devastation and desolation consume the insignificant lives of the human race being extinguished, the sound of the Apocalypse will be propagated by the four horsemen of The Evil: Miss Aileen (all voices, screams and whispers), Iossif (distortions and screech noises), Theophylactus  (bass fuzz), and Saenger (drums and percussions).

The Evil’s debut for Osmose Productions shall be released in the new year; release details to be announced shortly. In the meantime, view the band’s video for “Screams” at Osmose‘s website HER