ARCTANGENT FESTIVAL announces even more bands for 2022

Arctangent Festival already has one of THE line ups for 2022 festivals, but today it announces even more incredible acts and artists for this years event.

Heading up the announcement are Rhode Island two-piece Lightning Bolt, who are one of the most critically acclaimed and much loved bands in the noise and art rock worlds. Their last album ‘Sonic Citadel’, released on Thrill Jockey back in 2019, is a stunning and raucous clash of post punk, Phillip Glass and Sun Ra soundscapes – a truly incredible band

Joining them are solo artist supreme and former Reuben frontman Jamie Lenman (who last graced ATG stages fronting the now defunct Black Peaks), math rock 3-piece Covet, much loved doom/stoner rock band Bossk from Kent and Nottingham epic 5-piece Palm Reader, whose last album (‘Sleepless’ from 2020) was one of the stand out releases from the last few years. ATG will also see the first ever performance from Skin Failure, the new band featuring Will Gardner and Dave Larkin from Black Peaks.

FULL list of bands and artists being announced for ArcTanGenT Festival today:
Lightning Bolt / Jamie Lenman / Covet / Bossk / Palm Reader / Thank You Scientist / DVNE / Blanket / Zetra / Tuskar / El Moono / Heriot / Ithaca / Skin Failure / Rubbing / Greywave 

ATG Festival organiser and head booked, James Scarlett – “This announcement might be considered the icing on  the cake, but really it is so much more than that. I’ve been trying to  book Lighting Bolt ever since we started ATG, so it feels like a  really big booking now it has finally happened. I also think that DVNE  are basically the best up and coming band in the UK, so everyone needs  to check them out now – For Fans Of Mastodon and Cult of Luna. I can’t  wait for August!”

Jamie Lenman – “I love coming to ATG and letting the weirdness out. Every direction you step in, you hear a new sound coming from one of the tents – and rest assured I’ll be bringing some new sounds myself this year. Can’t wait!”

Covet  “It’s super special to be able to come back to play in the UK and we are elated that festivals are a thing again! Props to ArcTangent for bringing a bunch of niche music communities together for one hell of a lineup. Grateful to be a part of it all.”

The full list of confirmed and announced bands for ATG 2022 are:
Opeth / Cult of Luna / TesseracT / Zeal & Ardor / MONO / Amenra / Maybeshewill / Alcest / Leprous / Perturbator / Enslaved / Mclusky / Caspian / Intervals / Lightning Bolt / Jamie Lenman / Covet / Bossk / The Armed / Agent Fresco / Delta Sleep / Pallbearer / The Locust / Palm Reader / Car Bomb / / Intronaut / Rivers of Nihil / Emma Ruth Rundle / Earthtone9 / A.A.Williams / Conjurer / IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT / Frontierer / Arabrot / Jo Quail / Oranssi Pazuzu / MØL / The St. Pierre Snake Invasion / Sugar Horse / Slow Crush / Clever Girl / Elephant Tree / Hail The Sun / Talons / Wheel / Pijn / DVNE / Her Name Is Calla / Alpha Male Tea Party / Boss Keloid / Pupil Slicer / Heriot / Mass of the Fermenting Dregs / The Hirsch Effekt / My Own Private Alaska / Blanket / Blodet / Satyr / VASA / Zetra / Hippotraktor / BRUIT ≤ / Castrovalva /  Tuskar / Catbamboo / SEIMS / Traps / Vogons / Ithaca / Skin Failure / Natalie Evans / Odradek / Fall of Messiah / MIËT / Bolt Ruin / Jakub Zytecki / Astrosaur / Memory of Elephants / We Never Learned To Live / The Hyena Kill / Heisa / TOTS / Binge / Bonnacons of Doom / God Alone. / Lakes / FES / Five The Hierophant / Paranoid Void / Luo / Straight Girl / Coldbones / Skemer / worriedaboutsatan / El Moono / Axiom / Bear / Beige Palace / Bicurious / Garganjua / Kokomo / Last Hyena / Pollyanna Holland-Wing / qariaq / STANLÆY / Stoßzahn / Thumpermonkey / Wavey / Mother Vulture / Olanza / Modern Rituals / Rubbing / Graywave / Mutant-Thoughts / The Road / My Octopus Mind / Lightning Sharks

Ticket Link for ArcTanGent 2022 is – HERE


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