HAMMERFALL start pre-order for Renegade 2.0 anniversary edition + release remixed version of Templars Of Steel

Remember Wacken Open Air 2001 when ten of thousands of metal heads roared along to the chorus for Templars Of Steel? No? Well, let us refresh your memory with some legendary live footage from that show. The song was an outcry for a heavy metal revolution, and it really caught on!

To this day, Templars Of Steel is a highlight of every HammerFall live show and it is a track that encapsulates what the band stands for, more than any other.

Front man Joacim Cans remembers: “Oscar and I went down to Gran Canaria to write and finalise some songs for the Renegade album. Somewhere in the constant ”haze” I still remember that Oscar played the riff to the song and it totally blew me away.
Couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the hymn-like masterpiece and try some vocal ideas in my temporary studio built in the bathroom. This song became the opening track on the upcoming tour and created one of the coolest show openings ever, when the draw bridge slowly started to come down during the pulsating intro to the song.”

Watch the legendary live video from Wacken 2001 here: https://youtu.be/as0yfmoj-RY

Listen and Pre-Order here: https://hammerfall.bfan.link/renegade-2-0.ema

Renegade 2.0 will be available in the following formats:
2 CD + DVD – box incl. 60-page booklet 
Vinyl 3 LP box , marbeled in grey, white and black incl. 24-page booklet
Vinyl 3 LP box in solid gold incl. 24-page booklet
Vinyl 1 LP gatefold in transparent yellow
Vinyl 1 LP gatefold in splatter red and yellow
Vinyl 1 LP gatefold solid blue
Vinyl 1 LP gatefold transparent clear

The tracklistings read as follows:

Disc 1 (The 2020 Remix)
01. Templars Of Steel
02. Keep The Flame Burning
03. Renegade
04. Living In Victory
05. Always Will Be
06. The Way Of The Warrior
07. Destined For Glory
08. The Champion
09. Raise The Hammer
10. A Legend Reborn

Disc 2 (The Original Album & Bonus Tracks)
01. Templars Of Steel
02. Keep The Flame Burning
03. Renegade
04. Living In Victory
05. Always Will Be
06. The Way Of The Warrior
07. Destined For Glory
08. The Champion
09. Raise The Hammer
10. A Legend Reborn

11. Run With The Devil
from Renegade Single
12. Head Over Heels
from Renegade Single
13. Templars Of Steel
from The Templar Renegade Crusades EP
14. Let The Hammer Fall
from The Templar Renegade Crusades EP
15. Renegade
from The Templar Renegade Crusades EP
16. Hammerfall
from The Templar Renegade Crusades EP

Disc 3 (The Templar Renegade Crusades DVD)
01. I Want Out (Video Montage from Hansen Studios)
02. Unchained (Live in Switzerland)
03. Legacy of Kings (Live in U.S.A.)
04. Remember Yesterday (Live in Japan)
05. Warriors Of Faith (Live in Chile)
06. Let The Hammer Fall (Live in Sweden)
07. I Believe (Live in Sweden)
08. Breaking The Law (Video Montage)
09. WireWorld Studios (The Making of Renegade)
10. Renegade (Video Clip)
11. Always Will Be (Video Clip)
12. Raise The Hammer (Live in Switzerland)
13. Stronger Than All (Live in Chile)
14. Templars Of Steel (Live in Germany)
15. Let The Hammer Fall (Live in Germany)
16. Renegade (Live in Germany)
17. HammerFall (Live in Germany)
18. Heeding The Call (Live in Sweden, Acoustic Version)
19. Gold Album Party
20. A Legend Reborn (Video Montage)
21. Renegade (Live)
22. Slaktmora
23. Castle Garden
24. Bed-Lam
25. Making of Renegade

Ever since the release of their debut album Glory To The Brave in 1997, HammerFall made jaws drop everywhere they went. 3 years and one album (Legacy Of Kings 1998) later, the Swedish heavy metal saviors released what would be their international break-through and first number one record in their native: Renegade. Songs like the title track, the ballad Always Will Be, the ferocious opening track Templars Of Steel or the pummeling The Way Of The Warrior made the album the landmark release that it is today. From then on out HammerFall kept rising through the ranks, becoming an institution in the metal world and are responsible for the revival of traditional heavy metal in the post-grunge music scene. Almost 30 years, countless tours around the globe and 11 albums in, HammerFall are still going strong, being one of the most successful heavy bands to ever come out of Sweden.


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