OneFromTheNorth Release new Video FOR ‘Altruistic Love’

OneFromTheNorth launches a new music video from the upcoming album – Watch the new video here below.

Finnish metal-synthwave band OneFromTheNorth releases a new music video, “Altruistic Love” from the upcoming album. The new album “Through the Grey Stone to Ravage” will be out April 30, 2021. The featuring artist is Finnish metal artist Tuomas Kuusinen (A Soul Called Perdition, ex-Pain Confessor). 

The video is filmed and edited by OneFromTheNorth artist McKeenan, and it was filmed in Hämeenlinna, Finland. McKeenan says that “It was a natural choice to make a video about the song as it represents the darker side of the album. Kantola mural and the area fit perfectly to the video and the song message.” 

“Altruistic Love” is about the hypocrisy of our society and people. McKeenan says that “We love when it’s too late and crucify people when they’ve done something that is their last option. Some people “love” on social media and care about the world by adding caring Facebook profile pics, eventually just to polish their own public shield.”

Watch the video here:

OneFromTheNorth is a Finnish metal-synthwave artist established 2015. OneFromTheNorth released the debut album “Darker Times” in 2018. The music combines metal riffs, even black metal melodies added to the electronic soundscape and haunting atmosphere. 

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