NO RAZA premiere brand new music video for “Atrición”

Death Metal heavyweights NO RAZA have unleashed a brand new and killer video clip for the track “Atrición”.

Formed in 1997 in Colombia, South America, now based in Florida, US, NO RAZA‘s latest, critically acclaimed album, “Transcending Material Sins”, was released on March 20th 2020 through German powerhouse label Noble Demon. 11 powerfull and merciless Death Metal anthems, following in the footsteps of Grave, Asphyx and Obituary!

Get your ears and eyes on it and watch the music video for “Atrición” right here:

Vocalist Juan Guillermo Cano about the song:
“Atrición (Attrition) is repentance through the eternal punishment and suffering of sin that is experienced by having harmed both living beings and our main goddess called Mother Earth, an offense that must be paid through tribulation and eternal martyrdom. This is a very special video because it was made during these difficult times for humanity, it is the result of everything that our kind has destroyed and damaged throughout his path in this planet, now it is only the beginning of an era of fury and condemnation from the sacred nature.”

“Transcending Material Sins” is out now and available to purchase at THIS LOCATION


01. On the Verge of Dying Out

02. Ancient Wars

03. Reborn

04. Fratricide

05. Sail In Rot

06. Alteración Mental

07. Decontamination

08. Scorn

09. Atrición

10. En Carne y Hueso

11. Transcending Material Sins

Find NO RAZA online:


Find NOBLE DEMON online:


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