KORPIKLAANI release single & music video for new track ‘Niemi’

With only 4 weeks remaining until the release of their 11th studio album Jylhä, Finnish folk metal superstars Korpiklaani are happy to present another new song to their fans. Niemi is a fast paced and catchy neck-breaker, reminiscent of the band’s heavier past. It will be accompanied by a good old fashioned performance video that showcases Korpiklaani doing what they do best.

Watch the video for Niemi here: https://youtu.be/MI5XU1V06w4

Listen to Niemi on the streaming service of your choice: http://nblast.de/Korpiklaani-Jylha
Pre-order album Jylhä here: http://nblast.de/KorpiklaaniJylha

Front-man Jonne stated: “Niemi was one of the first songs we wrote for this album. I had a feeling after Kulkija that the next album could be the fastest and hardest in Korpiklaani’s history. I looked at my Flying V, picked it up and here we are!”

The meaning of Niemi (The Cape):
Lake Bodom 1960, “Bloody Pentecost”. Four youngsters, Irmeli BjörklundAnja MäkiSeppo Boisman and Nils Gustafsson were the target of a murderer on their camping trip that summer. The sole survivor was Nils Gustafsson, who was badly injured. The triple murder on the lake side shocked the whole of Finland. In the story told in the song, the narrator is situated on a meadow near the lake enjoying their summer morning, when the surroundings come alive and the narrator hears the call “Come to the end of the cape, terrible things have happened”. Everyone who hears the call heads towards the murder cape. The murders of Lake Bodom remain unsolved.

Jylhä – out February 5th 2021
1. Verikoira
2. Niemi
3. Leväluhta
4. Mylly
5. Tuuleton
6. Sanaton Maa
7. Kiuru
8. Miero
9. Pohja
10. Huolettomat
11. Anolan aukeat
12. Pidot
13. Juuret

The video director Markku Kirves stated:
In this video I just wanted to capture the band’s insane energy on stage. So here’s Korpiklaani with cold & fire, smoke & leather!” 

Director / Cinematographer / Editor: Markku Kirves
Light & grip: Italo Moncada
Assistant: Tomi Malin
Production house: Pajula Productions

The film was shot at Huovilan puisto in Kärkölä in 2020.

Thanks to our film crew Markku, Italo & Tomi. Also thanks to Kirsi Vahtera / Routa Design for the stunning fire pits, Mikko & Susanna Summa who provided video crew’s transport vehicle to location, Toni Vilén, Anssi Ojava / CCL Design, Kari Korvenranta, Tero Doukas, Kärkölän kunta, Huovilan puisto, Kärkölä-seura, Huovilan museoalue, Isobar Finland and Valofirma.

Previous single Sanaton maahttps://youtu.be/68L3fU164w4
2nd single Myllyhttp://nblast.de/Korpiklaani-yt
Debut single Leväluhtahttps://youtu.be/o2jTAAIDNBw

More info:

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