Bullet For My Valentine, one of the biggest British metal acts in musical history, have released a festive edition mead drink following the popularity of their Waking the Demon Honey Mead, released last year.

VENOM, a spiced mead, has rich honey notes and a unique spice blend combine for a warm, lingering finish. Enjoy hot or cold. 10% ABV

Mead is the oldest recorded alcoholic drink and is surrounded by myth and legend, a drink of warriors and poets with acclaimed mystical properties.

VENOM is available online as well as a variety of highstreet stores. Head to www.bfmvmead.com for further details.

Fans can also purchase an official Christmas ‘VENOM’ t-shirt HERE.

With over 200 million streams on Spotify alone; headline festival performances including Slam Dunk (UK), Wacken (Germany), Vainstream (Germany), Knotfest (Mexico), Vivp El Rock (Peru) and huge tours all around the world, visiting Russia, USA, Hungary, Greece, Chile, Argentina, Mainland Europe, Brazil and more; Bullet For My Valentine continue to stand their ground as behemoths of the metal scene.


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