Starting back in early november 2019, my then band I drummed in Enemy Of All. Took a turn for The least expected, Enemy Of All frontman left moved out of state. Was my only band at The time, felt lost incomplete without music. Feel its my release, my therapy so to speak so yeah also during this time my mother in law had passed away as well. Which was rough on me as well, as on my wife of course rough rough time. Then skip forward to early, january 2020 my mother who, was very sickly. She had A ton of health problems, for A ride in my car not knowing it would be our last. Went out spending time talked told my mother, I was about to fully give up on music. Cause seamed, I couldnt find another band to drum for.

Which I had, played drums since I was 14, was searching, asking around. Seamed, it just wasnt meant to be. She told me family matters most. But to be patient that something, would turn up for me. And it did just that actually, like magic right when I needed it most. Because in mid to late january, my own mother passed away in and it hit me hard like A ton of bricks we were very very close. Effected me still effecting me now to this day, something told me to do it this. To lay down The drumsticks, and follow in my mothers footsteps who also was A singer for many many years. Really felt The need out of nowhere to contact A old friend, whom I had meet spoke to builded A friendship with while playing some shows. While I was in, Go Dont Go and Fully Justified and it just builded from there on. Who now, is The producer (Brandon Dotson.) And also, studio drummer studio bassiest,and electronics.) Who also, is The current drummer for The band Awakened and here we are today happened like magic like it was just meant right when I needed it most and couldnt be more proud of our music of this band Im An Alien.

This band began from alot of heartache and pain. Its been amazing, and well needed therapy to pull and drag me pick up through The mess of A year 2020 has brought me and my family. Thats for sure, The beginning of this past november of 2019 I had just gave up quit smoking and drinking cold turkey. Then week maybe 2 weeks after that my then band, I drummed in Enemy Of All went on indefinate hiatus. Singer/guitarist Tommy West moved, states away from me. So was already tore up, battling from withdrawals now my band ending was alot to take in. Then around end of november my mother in law passes away, then 2 months later my own mother passes away. Then covid 19, global pandemic breaks out unto The world destroys everything lives The entertainment world. My world my life had never ever been this, turned upside down before. Never had went through, this much in my entire life was too much to take in. My mother had always of course, been my number 1 fan right from The very beginning. Was always at my gigs, helping me carry equipment always out in front row smiling rocking out. Telling people out in crowd, how proud she was of me that,. That was her son up, there playing those drums lol always put A huge smile on my face. But anyway was so lost no music was going through, all this only way I ever knew how to release anything. I ever went through in my life, hard times or pain was through music and now for The first time I had no band. Felt completely, lost with all The losses everything just happening all at once. Mom was A singer for many years sang, in my late unkles bluegrass gospel; band. She sang rock as well for fun had such A beautiful angelic voice,she loved rock music mainly 70s 80s era stuff which is what I grew up listening to and still love to this day and proud of it. I always sang for fun in little project bands, just messing around for fun. Greatful, ive also got my moms singing voice her side of The family was always The musical ones. But anyway could not find A band, to drum in kept looking kept asking around nothing so kept thinking. Finnally idea came to me, out of nowhere why not go in A different route. Actually take up singing seriously, this time maybe it was time to finnally front A band. Move out in The front, instead of being behind The drumkit as I had for so many years 17 to be exact lol. Here I am at 31, starting A whole new chapter and proud happier now in A band then ive ever been before. Thats for sure, idea came to give an old friend I had meet while playing drums at some gigs in older bands I was. In Go Dont Go and another band called Fully Justified, anyway he is also a producer owns runs his own studio Redemption Studios. Band he drums in, is Awakened asked him if he would be down to allow me to come down and record an ep or album. Orginally was going to be more, so an electronic album mixed with slight rock pop elements. Then kept building and building, further and further in The writing process. And idea came to Brandon, who runs said studio to erase that idea and come up with my own sound. Something different something, versitile from all other bands I had played in all The styles I listened to loved to branch myself out more so yep its hard rock. its metal its alternative grunge somewhat funky pop fused stuff but mixed with electronic orchestra style stuff . Hey made it work lol, so kept writing and finnally found my sound and more happy now then ive ever been musically completely content. Also in my band Im An Alien, got Jon Mounts on bass and backup vocals as A live member. Whos main band, is Awakened which Brandon drums in full time. And drums for me in Im An Alien, and got Allen Toler on guitar as A live member who is also guitarist full time in The band Fully Justified. More so, this band Im An Alien is there side project. This is my main focus, my main only band and so happy content with it all. Lyrically upcoming album, is all about this crazy year I’ve went through really like an autobiography in album form. And absolutely cannot wait, to share it this experience cause that’s what it is A journey A movie all in album form cant wait to share it with The world The album title is The Year Of The Glitch and releases November 6th.

(Here is link to our Facebook page, (Here is link to our music video for our single So Empty Inside, (And here is link to our music video for our single River Of Sorrows,

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