GHOSTS OF ATLANTIS: UK Extreme Metallers feat. DEVILMENT Guitarist Release Debut Track “Halls of Lemuria”

UK-based extreme metallers GHOSTS OF ATLANTIS — which features Devilment guitarist Colin Parks — have premiered the first single “Halls of Lemuria” from their debut album, set for release in early 2021 via Black Lion Records.


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Parks at Devilmind Studios, “Halls of Lemuria” spins a mystical tale of warriors seeking peace and unity through epic battle and mighty bloodshed. 

“The road ahead is long and the elements ruthless,” says founding guitarist/vocalist Colin Parks. “The Atlantian people embark on a pilgrimage to reach the great halls of Lemuria. For it is within these sacred walls, that the power to turn the tide of battle resides.”

Hailing from deepest, darkest Suffolk, GHOSTS OF ATLANTIS is a metal band carrying a wealth of experience and professionalism. Like both Cradle Of Filth and Devilment before it, the band continues the tradition and staple of the Witch County trademark sound, encompassing all that is dark, brooding, and macabre.

The members of GHOSTS OF ATLANTIS have performed in bands together for the past nine years and have been part of legendary labels such as Nuclear Blast and Candlelight Records. Appearing on festivals like Waken Open Air and Bloodstock, to name a few, these English extreme metallers are eager to ravish fans, new and old, on stage very soon.

FFO: Devilment, Cradle Of Filth, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir

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