REVIEW: Dragged Under – ‘The World Is In Your Way’ (deluxe edition )by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Seattle hard punk rockers Dragged Under have created a powerful sound which combines thrashed-up punk, hardcore, technical metal, and alternative elements and that is what gives them an edge. They have come far in a short space of time having formed in 2019 and have had a busy year despite covid-19 as in between touring with The Used and Dead American they independently released their debut The World Is In Your Way in January this year.

Due to the success of the album, generating millions of streams and positive feedback the band are releasing a deluxe version of their debut album The World Is In Your Waywith two new bonus tracks – ‘Just Like Me’ and ‘Feel It’ – via Mascot Records, on 13th November who they recently just signed with.

The opening track ‘The Real You’ immediately asserts their robust sound as it is roaring, fast and non-stop with an extremely catchy chorus and is intense throughout. ‘Hypochrondria’ follows and is one of the heaviest offerings being striking and memorable.

Further, into the album the fierce ‘Chelsea’ bites hard with strong driving riffs and embraces their hard punk roots with melodic group chants making for a stand out track and displays their diversity. The rebellious and soaring “Riot” takes aim at the government overreach as an anthemic call to arms.

The first new bonus track ‘Feel It’ is more stripped back and sombre but is equally as powerful as their louder tracks through its emotions, passion and catchy group vocals. The band delve into nostalgia as the song encompasses the first time moments such as when you first hear a song, movie, kiss or love someone with lyrics such as “I want to feel it again” – this song will certainly leave a lasting impression and will need to be put on repeat.

The final track and second bonus song ‘Just Like Me’ is mischievous, aggressive and atmospheric with savage vocals and catchy hooks, ending on a hefty note to end this exhilarating album.

‘The World Is In Your Way’ is thrilling, hard-hitting and brimming with melodic anthems with no filler tracks, just a winning combo of heavy melodies and honest well-written and fiery lyrics. This is a striking and impressive debut that needs to be blasted out and demands numerous repeat listens.

2021 is looking to be a big year for the band too as they will be heading to the UK to support The Ghost Inside on their London Brixton date on July 3rd as well as playing 2000 Trees Festival July 10th.

Watch their latest lyric video for new single ‘Feel It’ below:

The World Is In Your Way deluxe edition with two new bonus tracks – ‘Just Like Me’ and ‘Feel It’ is out via Mascot Records, on 13th November.

For more on Dragged Under:
Dragged Under Website


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