Single/Video Premiere: OneFromTheNorth release a new cover Of MGLA’s song ‘Exercises in Futility IV’

MGLA cover photo

Finnish Electronic Rock herald OneFromTheNorth release a new cover with Lyric video. The target is MGLA’s song Exercises in Futility IV, which has been turned into a completely new form. The featuring artist is  Tuomas Kuusinen (A Soul Called Perdition, ex-Pain Confessor), who is taking the responsibility of vocals in this version.

O.F.T.N. frontman McKeenan says: “The original version is fantastic. The feeling and the melodies are superior, and it was great, but challenging to make my own version. I still wanted to do that to honor this great band and an absolutely great song. Cover songs are always interesting when there is a unique touch, and this succeeded very well, in my opinion, and Tuomas did the vocals like a majesty.”

OneFromTheNorth is a Finnish based electronic rock artist. O.F.T.N. released the debut album in 2018, and it is a combination of electronic sounds, acoustic guitar, and heavy riffs. Bands like Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, and In Flames can be heard from the music, and the frontman McKeenan mixes up different genres to create a unique and modern sound of O.F.T.N.

Stream the song here:
Check out lyric video here:


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