KAMERA OBSCURA Release New Video ‘Maniac’


KAMERA OBSCURA is melting the rage of Metal (guitar, bass, drums, clean vocals/harsh vocals) with the atmosphere of original soundtracks (vintage synth sounds, samples) in a world inspired by the masters of genre cinema, from Ted Browning to John Carpenter, Russ Meyer, Dario Argento, George Miller and Kenneth Anger. Remarked while they were opening for Nekrogoblkon and Porn, the band just recorded a 10-track album due for January 2018.

They have just unleashed a new music video for ‘Maniac’, which is the first single taken from the upcoming album titled ‘The Final Cut’. Check out the video below!

After having widely explored the classics of horror and sci-fi on « Dark Reels » and pushed the tribute one step further with « Copycat », KAMERA OBSCURA is back with « The Final Cut », its new LP, this time inspired by American alt cinema from the 70’s and 80’s. « The Final Cut » comes off the industrial sounds of the previous albums to flirt with more organic styles, yet keeping the mutant DNA of a band exploring without any limit.

With songs like Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls (an unbridled trip to California in the 60’s), Lucifer Rising (with its occult and incantatory atmosphere), The Howling (bathing in rage and lycanthropic bloodythirsty madness), « The Final Cut » winds its darkened majestic arms around you until you choke, before letting you breathe in extremis… To haunt you better.

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