Psycorepaths from NorthxWest Greece are back with their newest video”The real Outcast”.

Playing a style of Heavy Hardcore mixed with some latest 90’s – early 00’s sounds and brutal attitude, the new song comes to deal with everyday life problems and is strictly dedicated to every living being who fights daily to survive in a harsh society made by numbers and greed. To every homeless, to every addicted who tries to escape but fails, for those who has no other choice but sell their bodies and souls into Infamous streets of the capital, to make a little something to pass the day.
These people are the real outcasts of society. Made by the system itself!
For the elite to be able to devide humanity into groups and control ’em easily.

THE REAL OUTCAST taken from the split album “Annoying Truths For Humanity” with Undergust.
Recorded at MoltenIce’s Studio. Sound Engineer Makis MoltenIce. Except Drums, Which Recorded At Agrinio Sound Studios. Produced by Petros AnotherFace.
Videos taken by Makis MoltenIce (Music Art Lab Studios takes), Petros AnotherFace (Athens Streets – Band takes) and xThugisx (Athens Streets takes).
Video edited by xThugisx.
Music and Lyrics by Psycorepaths.

Nikos Ë.Ö.


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