Review: The Dead Soul Communion – MMXVII


REVIEW: The Dead Soul Communion – MMXVII by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

The Dead Soul Communion is a brand new project from Ex Devilment founder Daniel Finch. The band also features members of Steve Harris British Lion and ex Dearly Beheaded drummer Simon Dawson, along with members of Synaptik, Heathen Deity and more, so there is a lot of experience and influences running through the band. The album lyrically deals with many themes such as internal struggles, love, relationships, suicide, self-destruction, acts of violence, war and mental illness.

Opening song ‘My Beautiful Mistake’ gets things off to a powerful melodic start with fierce outbursts and chug heavy guitars. This is a hefty, varied and unpredictable track especially towards the end, leaving us eager to hear more…

‘The Communion’ is much darker with aggressive growls and stomping fast instruments. It still maintains its melodic currents aided through the use of the clean vocals. The synths add more depth and ambience and work well with the thrash riffs, giving it a dramatic and suspenseful sound.

Continuing on the theatrical atmosphere is the intro of ‘Last Grains Of Sand’ which goes on to hit hard in this non-stop thumping metal offering which is all consuming through the effects and vocal wails.

‘Masked Deceiver’ thuds and soars with resonant guitars, before aggressive vocals pierce through and continue throughout with brutal and creepy instruments to accompany. This is one hell of a track.

Next single ‘For You’ is instantly gripping with an interesting synth opening which quickly goes into a frenzy and the effects used throughout help give it an almost proggy sound, mixed with hints of black and thrash metal, so an impressive and deadly mix.

Next up is the monstrous and epic ‘Ghosts’ which is over ten minutes long in duration and demonstrates the bands best elements and talents in its entirety, along with a beautiful arrangement and instrumentation in parts before a dose of brutality rears up, to keep things diverse and balanced. It goes through the motions in a progressive yet eloquent manner.

‘Suicide Lullaby’ kicks off with an intriguing jaunty and erratic sounding intro and it has a fast and fun vibe throughout, contradictory to the lyrical themes. The soaring vocals are impressive and the strange but brilliant mix of genres makes this a stand out track.

‘As Dead As It Gets’ takes us back to the more conventional dark sounds, but this doesn’t last long as ‘Chains Of Division’ keeps us guessing again with an odd electronic heavy number with an industrial trance vibe with harsh gravelly vocals. ‘Empire’ again takes a different turn with a mellow yet sinister start. This is more of a straight up metal offering with some killer guitar work.

You know when you have reached the last track of the album with the fittingly titled ‘The Ending’ which opens with an odd talked intro. The closer is varied, as it is eerie, beautiful and has a progressive influence– an interesting way to end.

This is a mighty debut which is vast and offers lots of diversity from atmospheric soaring metal numbers, progressive sections, and brutal death metal elements, so, therefore it should appeal to many. The song writing, compositions, and production are all well-crafted and intelligible. The band should be proud of their massive debut release which firmly marks them as a band to watch out for with their savage, intriguing and unpredictable sounds.

SCORE: 4/5

“For You” promo video:


MMXVII was self-released (def2music) on the 28th July 2017.


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