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Video premiere: MORPHOSYS “You Shall Bleed”

German Death metal band Morphosys have launched new lyric video, entitled “You Shall Bleed” through Witches Brew’s official YouTube channel here:

The German Death Metal tank, MORPHOSYS, was originally formed on the first of January, 2002. They released a demo in December 2004 and a year later the track, “Ode To My Chainsaw”, was featured on the Rebirth Of Metal Vol 2 compilation. In 2006 they independently released their debut, “Der Blutmond”, produced by Matthias Wimmer and mixed and mastered by NECROPHAGIST bassist Stephan Fimmers.

The track “The Fall Of Heaven” was featured on the G.U.C. Magazine compilation number 23 and later as a reworked version on the Extreme Aggression Compilation Vol 1. After a few line up changes, they went back in the studio to record “The Chopping Block”, released in 2009 on their own label Bloodmoon and distributed by Twilight Vertrieb. In March of 2011 they released “Face Of Leather”, also  produced by Stephan Fimmers and featuring guest vocals by Paul Speckmann (MASTER) on “Necromaniac”. Due to further line up changes, all was somewhat quiet on the MORPHOSYS front until 2016 when the line up was solidified and rehearsals started on songs for their next offering. That same year the band also joined forces with local German label Witches Brew. They returned to the studio once again with long time producer Stephan Fimmers, from January to March 2017, and emerged with “The Saw Is Family”, an album chock full of pummeling Death Metal with influences from Thrash, Heavy and even a dash of Black Metal here and there! This devastating new full length will be released 15 September on Witches Brew and available worldwide via Plastic Head Music Distribution.

unnamed (31).jpg

  1. Carniwar 04:28
  2. The Saw Is Family 02:55
  3. Torture Chamber 02:58
  4. The Walking Dead 04:19
  5. Storm Of Blood 03:46
  6. Memory Of The Insane 02:57
  7. Fleischeslust 04:31
  8. You Shall Bleed 04:47
  9. Todesengel 03:50
  10. Corpse Grinder 02:26

Line up:
Chris: Vocals/Chainsaw
Marko: Guitar
Jazz: Bass
Alex: Drums