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Video premiere: Tulsadoom “Fist from the Grave”

Austrian Blackened Heavy/Thrash Metal band TULSADOOM release official video for “Fist From The Grave”, taken off their split with HELLRAZORS out as LP via Witches Brew and MC via Cursed Records! Release is set for October 17th!




Video premiere: MORPHOSYS “You Shall Bleed”

German Death metal band Morphosys have launched new lyric video, entitled “You Shall Bleed” through Witches Brew’s official YouTube channel here:

The German Death Metal tank, MORPHOSYS, was originally formed on the first of January, 2002. They released a demo in December 2004 and a year later the track, “Ode To My Chainsaw”, was featured on the Rebirth Of Metal Vol 2 compilation. In 2006 they independently released their debut, “Der Blutmond”, produced by Matthias Wimmer and mixed and mastered by NECROPHAGIST bassist Stephan Fimmers.

The track “The Fall Of Heaven” was featured on the G.U.C. Magazine compilation number 23 and later as a reworked version on the Extreme Aggression Compilation Vol 1. After a few line up changes, they went back in the studio to record “The Chopping Block”, released in 2009 on their own label Bloodmoon and distributed by Twilight Vertrieb. In March of 2011 they released “Face Of Leather”, also  produced by Stephan Fimmers and featuring guest vocals by Paul Speckmann (MASTER) on “Necromaniac”. Due to further line up changes, all was somewhat quiet on the MORPHOSYS front until 2016 when the line up was solidified and rehearsals started on songs for their next offering. That same year the band also joined forces with local German label Witches Brew. They returned to the studio once again with long time producer Stephan Fimmers, from January to March 2017, and emerged with “The Saw Is Family”, an album chock full of pummeling Death Metal with influences from Thrash, Heavy and even a dash of Black Metal here and there! This devastating new full length will be released 15 September on Witches Brew and available worldwide via Plastic Head Music Distribution.

unnamed (31).jpg

  1. Carniwar 04:28
  2. The Saw Is Family 02:55
  3. Torture Chamber 02:58
  4. The Walking Dead 04:19
  5. Storm Of Blood 03:46
  6. Memory Of The Insane 02:57
  7. Fleischeslust 04:31
  8. You Shall Bleed 04:47
  9. Todesengel 03:50
  10. Corpse Grinder 02:26

Line up:
Chris: Vocals/Chainsaw
Marko: Guitar
Jazz: Bass
Alex: Drums





Kublai Khan Release New Video For “The Hammer”

Newest Rise Records signees Kublai Khan have dropped the video for the new song “The Hammer.”
You can watch the video for ‘The Hammer’ here:

“We are stoked to be releasing our first full track titled ‘The Hammer,'” said singer Matt Honeycutt. “It’s classic Kublai Khan with twists and turns of a new sound and a personal message to push. For all the folks who dig us, we hope you enjoy it. And if you haven’t heard us before, we thank you for giving us a shot. ”

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UNLEASH THE ARCHERS – First Track & Music Video From Upcoming Album!

Cleanse The Bloodlines is the first track off of UNLEASH THE ARCHERS upcoming album Apex!

This one is really going to get you banging your head!  With chest-thumping bass lines and penetrating guitar melodies, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS newest release compels you to chant with fists raised high in the air “All hail heavy metal!”

Powerful front woman Brittney Slayes states:
“We are beyond stoked to finally debut a track from the new album, and this song was unanimously chosen as the first single by the whole band, no question. It’s a heavy song so we wanted a heavy video, and we think that Richard (Olak, director) did an incredible job of capturing the essence of the album perfectly. It was a brutal two days of filming in zero degree weather, but it was worth it, and we think it turned out well. We filmed with a 6K RED Weapon, one of the best cameras out there right now, and the cinematic quality adds to the dark nature of the lyrical content.  We think our fans are really going to like this one!”

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