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Hi, and welcome to the report for the last day of this great festival. The final day and I wake up frozen with a real sore and painful throat. I did not even know yet that I will get wet in the evening due rain as well. I looked at the forecast, it showed some rain, but weather was so nice, I have left my jacket in the car anyways…

On a paper, Saturday was not a highlight for me by any means. But when I have seen bands with my own eyes and heard by my ears, I was very, very happy. Hideous Divinity from Italy rocked on the main stage with thrashy Urne who opened the festival day for me. In the early afternoon it was the Haemorrhage from Spain and their bloody grindcore. It was fun from start to finish and Lugubrious’s face made many of us laughing every second. I thought the sound was nice and dense.

Urne, Hideous Divinity, Haemorrhage

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Brutal Assault #25 Info

Some well known name and some little less in Jaroměř, Czech. Brutal Assault will welcome famous Sólstafir and Finnish Skepticism. Other bands are psychedelic Oranssi Pazuzu, Pupil Slicer, Carnation, funkier Slope, Bloodywood from India, DOOL, The Devil’s Trade from Hungary. From the same country avant-garde Thy Catafalque shall have their premier as well.