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MERCURY CIRCLE premiere new music video feat. Cammie Gilbert of OCEANS OF SLUMBER & celebrate release of brand new album

Praised by fans and critics alike for their outstanding 2020-EP “The Dawn of Vitriol“, Finland’s MERCURY CIRCLE have unleashed their hotly anticipated debut full-length record, titled “Killing Moons”! With 10 brand new tracks spanning over 63 minutes, the band’s brand new record is a deeply powerful and majestic piece of music – truly representing a genre of its own – and one that will take the listener on an all-absorbing trip into yet unimaginable spheres.

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TOP 5 Holiday Music by Cammie Gilbert, Sylvaine, Vermilia, Mizuho Lin, Danielle Evans

Music is a special thing, as it most often relaxes and helps you cope with everyday life. A certain song makes the memories come back and you remember the moment you heard it for the first time. It makes you travel far away, live in the moment, think about the future,
It gives energy, this year more with jogging than with gigs.

This year has been particularly exceptional in many ways,
but the holidays remain and people spend them differently.
Often certain songs belong to certain moments and different styles of music make people relax in different ways.

We contacted five artists to ask about their top 5 recommendations for holiday music.
What kind of music is included in their holidays or what they have liked to listen to lately.

It’s also great to always find new music. That moment, that feeling when you find something new where you get shivers.

If you haven’t heard our featured artists yet, I recommend you to check out their versatile taste of music, but also the art they create, because you might find something new for your holidays.

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Interview with Cammie of Oceans Of Slumber By Carina Lawrence

US prog metallers OCEANS OF SLUMBER are releasing their self-titled new album September 4th 2020 via Century Media Records.  The band launched via 2013’s ‘Aetherial’ debut, but truly blossomed upon the arrival of vocalist Cammie Gilbert for 2015’s ‘Blue’ EP and the following year’s ‘Winter’ full-length. Oceans Of Slumber triumphantly re-emerge in 2020 with new members and a redefined sound in what is their most ambitious and sonic release to date. Ahead of the album release which is an odd one during a pandemic we got to speak to vocalist Cammie Gilbert about the new album, the challenges of covid-19 on the release and more in what is the next exciting chapter for the band….