TOP 5 Holiday Music by Cammie Gilbert, Sylvaine, Vermilia, Mizuho Lin, Danielle Evans

Music is a special thing, as it most often relaxes and helps you cope with everyday life. A certain song makes the memories come back and you remember the moment you heard it for the first time. It makes you travel far away, live in the moment, think about the future,
It gives energy, this year more with jogging than with gigs.

This year has been particularly exceptional in many ways,
but the holidays remain and people spend them differently.
Often certain songs belong to certain moments and different styles of music make people relax in different ways.

We contacted five artists to ask about their top 5 recommendations for holiday music.
What kind of music is included in their holidays or what they have liked to listen to lately.

It’s also great to always find new music. That moment, that feeling when you find something new where you get shivers.

If you haven’t heard our featured artists yet, I recommend you to check out their versatile taste of music, but also the art they create, because you might find something new for your holidays.


Chaos Magic feat Zaher ZorgatiDesert Rose
“This song is originally from Sting. I love this song since the first time I listened to it on a brazilian soap opera when I was about 11 years old. Chaos Magic did an AMAZING work recording this track together with Zaher. “

Phantom EliteDiamonds and Dark
“Definitely one of my favorite songs released in 2020… And the video is beautiful! ”

Within TemptationThe Purge
“I was missing some Within Temptation heavier song. This is absolutely all I wanted from them. Everything is on top!”

Amaranthe Burn With Me
“Not a new song but it’s definitely on my playlist lately. I actually found this one not so long ago. It’s amazing! And the videoclip is very emotional!”

Her Chariots AwayTake Me Higher
“This is the new project from Ailyn Gimenez. I found her voice incredible here, her whistle voice is beautiful and she explored her vocal techniques a lot!”

VERMILIA (Finland)

Moonsorrow – Tyven
A perfect start for any holiday. I absolutely love the melody and athmosphere in this song even it is an intro of the album. But I think it leads listener perfectly inside this amazing album called Voimasta ja Kunniasta.

Arkona – Zakliatie
This song is one of my all time favourites from Arkona. I listen to this very often and sing this in my home even I can’t speak russian at all, haha. Melody is perfect.

Finntroll – Forsen
I was so excited when I heard Forsen for the first time. This leads my head straight to an another world and I can easilly get away from working mood and just enjoy my short holidays that I don’t have very often. I love this song and listen to this very much. Also music video is amazing. This song was released 2020, so it’s pretty new.

Dreariness – Essence
Oh boy what a scream! When I listen to this I can’t think of anything else which is great thing. Absolutely in love with the voice of Tenebra. And the whole song is so emotional. I have no words when I listen to this. The guitar in the beginning is perfect and everything else in this song. Great work, great music, great album.

Brutus – War
This one is probably one of the best athmospheric projects that I have found lately. I think I found Brutus few years ago and fell in love immediately. Stefanie Mannaerts is amazing singer/drummer. There is sad athmosphere in this song, but I don’t mind at all even it would be my holiday. I love sad melancholic songs.

VERMILIA on Social Media


Type O Negative Red Water (Christmas mourning)
Being a massive Type O Negative fan, I just had to include this track on my list, especially coming from one of my favorite albums of all time. This one is obviously not a very festive track in terms of emotion, but it still has a beautiful touch to it though. It’s a great reminder of the importance of family during the holiday season, and honoring the people you love.

Smashing PumpkinsDisarm
“Disarm” clearly doesn’t have any connection to the holiday season in terms of its lyrics or meaning, but due to the bells that are featured in the track, it always reminded me of the holiday season somehow. That’s certainly a little bit strange, but either way, I absolutely adore this song and had to include it here. That’s kind of ironic, seeing as Siamese Dream is one of my favorite summer records, haha.

Deilig Er Jorden
“This one is actually more of a song I enjoy singing around Christmas. It’s a classic Christmas song in Norway (even if it’s originally German), and one that I used to sing every year in the school choir during my high school years. It’s such a beautiful and deep piece, especially when performed with all the different voices of a choir. It’s used for Christmas, but also sometimes for funerals, so I guess it goes without saying that beauty and melancholy goes hand in hand with this one. “

Ólafur ArnaldsFor Now I Am Winter 
Strong demonstration of Nordic electronic music, with beautiful production and interesting arrangements. There are so many inspiring artist around up here, within electronic/pop/alternative music. This song by Ólafur Arnalds is a favorite for winter, as it really embraces the icy, glacial tones of this time of year. The whole ambience and sound compliments the season so well.

Edward Scissorhands OSTIce Dance
Still one of my favorite movies, the soundtrack of Edward Scissorhands always evokes so many emotions in me. The boys choir that is used along side the orchestra in this soundtrack, makes for a lovely blend of cold tones and a warm, cozy feeling. I chose the track “Ice Dance”, as it represent a scene in the movie that is full of pathos and the magic of the holiday season, at least in my eyes.

SYLVAINE on Social Media


Wardruna – Helvegen
To me, the holidays and winter in general, are a time to think about all I’m grateful for and reflect on the past year. This song is all about meditation and reflection to me and it brings me to the roots of the season.

Wardruna – Kvitravn 
Wardruna, to me, is the perfect band for the holiday season because they are so connected to the old gods and the origins of where these holidays came from. This song takes me back to a place where I can almost feel the magic and energy that our ancestors felt during the Yuletide season.

Skáld – Rún 
I recently found this band via YouTube when I was listening to Wardruna and everything I said regarding the two Wardruna tracks applies to this song. It’s rooted in everything pagan that I love and it just takes me back to the origins of the season. It’s amazing.

Immortal – Sons of Northern Darkness 
I’m not sure what needs to be said about this track (and album), but it and “At The Heart of Winter” scream “winter” to me, for obvious reasons. The winter landscapes that Immortal paints are incomparable to other bands. No winter is complete without putting on some Immortal.

Darkthrone – A Blaze in the Northern Sky 
What is better than raw, old school black metal on a snowy day? Not much. This album is a classic and it’s especially a classic for a cold, snowy winter day. I think the official soundtrack of snowy winter days is old school black metal like this.

AUTOMB on Social Media


Jorn – The Duke 
Being a massive Type O Negative fan, I just had to include this track on my list, especially coming from one of my favorite albums of all time. This one is obviously not a very festive track in terms of emotion, but it still has a beautiful touch to it though. It’s a great reminder of the importance of family during the holiday season, and honoring the people you love.

Whitesnake – Whitesnake
David Coverdale is an amazing singer and songwriter and another artist we can’t get enough of around here.

All Them Witches – Nothing as the Ideal
Dark, country, and a favorite discovery this year, I’ve had this album on repeat enjoying its smoky grit, and melancholy soundscapes.

Darkher – Realms
Winter weather pairs wonderfully with this haunting album’s dark and doomful elements.

Black Pumas – Black Pumas (Deluxe)
Inspiring, upbeat, and reflective. This album has a little bit of everything to keep me captivated and singing along.



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