Nummirock reveals more acts for 2023 including Behemoth’s only gig of the summer in Finland

It has already been reported that there will be numerous unique gigs at Nummijärvi during Midsummer, and that wonderful list continues today, when the Polish Behemoth will also play their only gig of the summer in Finland at Nummirock! The Czech heavy metal orchestra Gutalax will also be seen at Nummirock with their exclusive summer 2023 gig.

New engagements to be released now also include Turmion Kätilöt, who just toured Europe with Nightwish, the domestic black metal supergroup I Am The Night, Brymir, Mors Subita, Chronoform, Varjola and I Am Your God.

One of the most exciting performances of the event is also Maj Karma’s debut gig at Nummirock. The band has no other festival appearances this coming summer.

Nummirock, which has grown to four days, will take place next year from the 21st to the 24th. June. Asking Alexandria (UK), Bloodywood (IN), Born of Osiris (US), Aborted (BE), Blood Red Throne (NO) and Misþyrming (IS) will serve up the summer’s exclusive gigs at Nummijärvi in ​​Kauhajoki.

Among domestic performers, Stam1na, Finntroll, Bloodred Hourglass, Ruoska, Before the Dawn, One Morning Left, Foreseen and Heavy Metal Perse have previously been published.

Nummirock’s published artists so far are:
Asking Alexandria
Before the Dawn
Bloodred Hourglass
Blood Red Throne
Born of Osiris
Heavy Metal Ass
I Am Your God
I Am The Night
Maj. Karma
Mors Subita
One Morning Left
Midwives of Turmio

Moor Rock 2023 21.–24.6.2023

Tickets for next year’s Nummirock are now on sale at Tiket and .
Tickets on sale are:
* 4-day festival ticket, includes car and tent space / price €159 (from 1.1.2023 €169)
* 4-day Premium ticket, includes car and tent space / price €189 (from 1.1.2023 €199)
More information about both ticket categories can be found on Nummirock’s website.

The current prices are valid until January 1, 2023, when ticket prices will increase by ten euros.

Nummirock is an age-restricted event with a recommended age of 16.


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