Today, the multi-dimensional progressive rock act Coheed and Cambria announced details of the second installment of their highly successful SS Neverender cruise in partnership with Sixthman.  Deemed S.S. Neverender – Raiders of Silent Earth:3, the upcoming cruise will feature a vibrant and diverse lineup that includes Sunny Day Real Estate, Bartees Strange, Mannequin Pussy, Animals as Leaders, Anthony Green, Militarie Gun, and many more. 

Coheed and Cambria vocalist / guitarist Claudio Sanchez elaborated on the SS Neverender noting, “At first, I was reluctant when the idea was initially presented to us but sharing that time with people that are equally passionate about this bizarre corner of Rock we’ve cultivated has made me a believer that this crazy outfit from nowhere, NY can do anything.”

A music festival mixed with a comic convention, rolled into a vacation, the S.S. Neverender – Raiders of Silent Earth: 3 will set sail October 23 – 27, 2023 from Miami, FL to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic aboard the Norwegian Pearl. Fans can Sign up for the pre-sale by November 14th for the chance to purchase a cabin before bookings are made available to the public. It promises to be a deeply intimate musical experience with immersive theater, meet and greets, cosplay and more – for complete details, please visit

Coheed and Cambria’s universe has spread far and wide over the last 20 years. In addition to their six top 10 albums on the Billboard charts and numerous hit singles, the band has laid out a sprawling, continuous sci-fi concept called, The Amory Wars, that has sold hundreds of thousands of copies in its comic, prose and illustrated forms. A coffee line, action figures and masks… From exploding out of New York in 2002 with their influential album, The Second Stage Turbine Blade, they have come full circle with their new album,Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind, where the band received vast critical praise, headlined their first arenas and had their first top 10 radio single. Always evolving and ever growing. Now the band can add “hugely successful curated festival / convention at sea” to their resume.

The 2021 inaugural edition sold out in record time in their partner’s Sixthman’s 20-year existence, and proved to be uniquely suited for a band who has highly passionate fans who want to come together in a deeply intimate experience of music and immersive conceptual experiences.


October 23 – 27, 2023

Sailing from Miami, FL to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Aboard the Norwegian Pearl


Coheed and Cambria

Sunny Day Real Estate

Animals As Leaders

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Mannequin Pussy

Anthony Green

Bartees Strange

Thank You Scientist

Davenport Cabinet

Joey Eppard

Militarie Gun

Brand Of Sacrifice


+More to be announced


Sixthman festivals tear down walls between artists and fans by creating community-inspired vacation experiences at resorts and at sea. Since 2001, Sixthman has set the stage for moments that make life rock, serving over 300,000 guests on over 150 unforgettable vacations on sand and at sea with their favorite artists, athletes, actors, comedians, and brands. These carefully curated, intimate events bring non-stop performances, artist collaborations, in-depth panels, Q&As, fan-artist activities, museums, and overall, truly immersive experiences that celebrate community and change expectations of what a vacation can be. Sixthman’s domestic homeport of Miami brings escapes for guests to dream destinations in the Virgin Islands, Belize, Honduras, Mexico, and The Bahamas. In 2019, Sixthman expanded its festivals at sea to Europe, sailing from Barcelona, Spain to exotic Mediterranean ports and then from Athens through the Greek Isles in 2022. In addition to festivals at sea, Sixthman has taken its innovative vacation concept to world-class, all-inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. In 2020, Sixthman Services was launched to support other event holders with a suite of on-site and virtual event management services and enhanced experiences. 2023 is poised to be a record year in terms of number of events and expansion into new verticals. LIVE LOUD with us at


For the last 20 years, Coheed and Cambria have continuously broken the mold of what a rock band can be, forging their own path and building a universe around their music unlike any other. Whether it is in the way their genre-spanning approach to songwriting has allowed them to bridge worlds without being contained to one, or the multifaceted story arc of their albums and comic book series which mark the longest running concept story in music, Coheed and Cambria have consistently shaped new standards, never conformed. Comprised of Claudio Sanchez (vocals, guitar), Travis Stever (guitar), Josh Eppard (drums) and Zach Cooper (bass), the New York-based band has gripped listeners and press around the globe with their visionary compositions and conceptual mastery. 2022 saw Coheed and Cambria welcoming fans everywhere back to “The Amory Wars” with the arrival of VAXIS – Act II: A Window of the Waking Mind, the long awaited second installment of the five-part “Vaxis” arc and continuation of the band’s decades-spanning “Amory Wars” science fiction story, an undertaking that now encompasses nine albums, a multitude of comic books, novels, a trio of games, and a coffee brand. The album – which made a stunning chart debut at #1 on Billboard’s “Top Hard Rock Albums” as well as #2 on “Top Alternative Albums” and #3 on “Top Rock Albums” – sees the groundbreaking band pushing its sound in directions unimaginable two decades ago, from sparkling electronica to rock opera spectacle, all while retaining the accessible, emotion-packed lyrical style that turned songs like “Welcome Home” and “A Favor House Atlantic” into chart-topping radio hits.






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