GOSPELHEIM unleash new single ‘Satan Blues’

GOSPELHEIM are now releasing the fiendishly cunning song “Satan Blues” as the second single taken from the British dark rockers‘ forthcoming new album “Ritual & Repetition”, which has been scheduled for release on October 21

Check out the profound track ‘Satan Blues’ below: https://youtu.be/TRmW6GJShpA  

GOSPELHEIM comment on ‘Satan Blues’: “This playful yet thought provoking song holds its influences of classic rock close to the heart, whilst giving a nod towards the blues legend Robert Johnson”, “singer and guitarist Ricardo explains. “It is musically conceived as a journey that lyrically offers a critical view on the role of villains in various hierarchies; including the church and state affairs, as well as corruption in politics and business.”

1. Hope Springs Infernal
2. Satan Blues
3. Lux Ephemera
4. Praise Be
5. Into Smithereens
6. Voyeuristic Schism
7. Valles Marineris
8. The Hall of the Unconsumed

Lo and behold! ‘Tis a wondrous beast that GOSPELHEIM have conceived with “Ritual & Repetition”: Its glittering skin is made from catchy dark rock melodies. Its bones are carved from solid gothic metal. Its forked tongue sings with both a beautiful female and a male voice. Its fiery eyes reflect deep melancholia, yet its sharp teeth bite hard without remorse.

On their debut album, this young British band are displaying an astonishingly mature song-writing that seemingly without any effort manages to combine a plethora of influences and impress with their stylistic wingspan. Besides the obvious dark rock and gothic metal, GOSPELHEIM add a variety sonic flavours that even include blues rock, a knife-tip of Rush in the vocals, and other spicy ingredients that tickle the musical palate and please the ears.

With their choice of lyrical topics on “Ritual & Repetition”, GOSPELHEIM gracefully join the select club of occult-themed bands, which easily leads to their designation as an ‘occult dark rock’ act. Yet whether the English trailblazers are to be  added to the shelf for ‘rock’ or rather ‘metal’ remains open to debate and probably depends on the ears of each listener.

GOSPELHEIM were formed by singer and guitarist Ricardo and bass-player and vocalist Coco in Manchester back in the dark days of 2020 while the world came to a grinding standstill. The core duo took inspiration from the morality of the human condition, silent era horror movies, and the transformation of existential concepts such as good and evil.

In early November 2020, GOSPELHEIM recorded their debut album “Ritual & Repetition” at No Studio in Manchester with Joe “Doctor” Clayton. A video single of the track ‘Into Smithereens’ was filmed, self-released, and well received by critics and fans alike. Despite the known adverse circumstances, the band managed to perform a first live show at Factory 251 in Manchester in September 2021 and has every intention to perform live as much and as soon as possible. The line-up was later completed with the addition of second guitarist Jordan and Rob on drums.

With a visiting card as impressive as “Ritual & Repetition”, GOSPELHEIM are bound to leave a lasting impression on their listeners and invitations to festivals and tours should follow in a short time. For all who have been eagerly hoping for a dark rock debut full-length that can match the glorious first record of BEASTMILK, here is an album that you might want to spin right now.

Release date: October 21, 2022 

Style: Occult dark rock

Ricardo – guitar, vocals
Coco – bass, vocals
Jordan – guitar
Rob – drums

Recorded & mixed by Joe Clayton at No Studios.
Mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios.

Cover artwork by Beth Hindley

Available formats
“Ritual & Repetition” is available as gatefold 2LP on black and on golden vinyl, and as Digipak CD.    

Pre-sale linkhttp://lnk.spkr.media/gospelheim-ritual



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