OCEANS OF SLUMBER Release New Single ‘Hearts of Stone’

Check out an atmospheric Visualizer Video for “Hearts of Stone” here: https://youtu.be/WHw3NkP8zUE

Fronted by the inimitable power, range, and grace of vocalist Cammie Beverly, “Starlight and Ash” posits OCEANS OF SLUMBER in a league of their own. This is as much eloquent extensions of famed singer-songwriters Nick Cave and Chris Stapleton as it is the heartbreaking pulse of Type O Negative and Katatonia. “Starlight and Ash” isn’t Metal, but its edges are.

Cammie Beverly (vocals) says about the song: “Lost and alone from birth, a product of the institution of life on the streets. Trouble follows this person around like a badge of honor. Grief finding grievances, the perfect formula of despair.”
Starlight and Ash” was produced by Joel Hamilton (Violet Road, Battle of Mice) and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Yes, Voivod). The stunning artwork was created by Eliran Kantor (Testament, Heaven Shall Burn and many more).

The following formats will be available with first preorders already up: https://OceansOfSlumber.lnk.to/StarlightAndAsh

– Ltd. CD Digipak
– Black LP & LP-Booklet
– 300x transp. light blue LP & LP-Booklet available at CM Distro Wholesale EU, CMDistro.de and EMP 300x dark green LP & LP-Booklet available from the band
– 1000x transp. orange LP & LP-Booklet available in the US
– Digital album

Texas-based New Southern Gothic outfit OCEANS OF SLUMBER present the next song taken from their upcoming album, “Starlight and Ash”, that is scheduled for a release July 22nd.


Photo by TheHeavyGlow/Jamie LaCombe


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