REVIEW: OCEANS OF SLUMBER – ‘Oceans Of Slumber’ (album)

REVIEW: Oceans Of Slumber – ‘Oceans Of Slumber’ by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

US prog metallers OCEANS OF SLUMBER are unleashing their fourth self-titled album on September 4th 2020 via Century Media Records. The band have undergone quite a transformation with new members that coincided with the new album bringing a new refreshed and redefined sound in what is their most aspiring and sonically charged release yet. Lyrically the album explores some dark and heavy relatable themes such as grief, depression and general angst of people who have been wronged.

Opening track ‘Soundtrack To My Last Day’ is gloomy and melancholic as you might expect given the title, with crushing instruments which compliment Cammie’s vocals, going from beautiful to brutal seamlessly. It progresses wonderfully and is a very striking way to start and leave you hooked and wanting more…

‘Pray For Fire’ features ethereal vocals from Cammie and is a captivating stripped back ambient track which grows in passion and power as goes on, again towards the end belligerent vocals take hold adding extra depth with some brilliant transitions and atmosphere throughout.

‘A Return To The Earth Below’ is all-consuming and it feels like it takes hold of your soul with Cammie’s powerful vocals paired with hard-hitting riffs and doomy instruments. It is magnificent and heartfelt aided by the effective and splendid vocal delivery and capabilities from Cammie.

‘Imperfect Divinity’ helps bind everything together and flow coherently in this instrumental broody and sinister piece.

‘The Adorned Fathomless Creation’ is colossal and menacing with aggressive vocals, alarming fast riffs and alluring vocals from Cammie. This is very dynamic with its twists and turns and is a must hear that is masterfully done with its gloomy melodic presence and soaring technical guitars, nothing short of epic.

‘To The Sea’ is both beautiful and solemn with large textured melodic instruments and gleaming soulful vocals, it will tear at your heartstrings given the nature of the song which is about love and catastrophic loss and living with that loss and lyrics such as:

“Cause’ I had an earth once
I had a moon too
The sun
And the sun bore fireflies just for you
And the universe
And the universe shook to its core
And the colors of grace
They shone down on me…

….Now let me go”

The well-crafted lyrics and the instruments portray the context immensely.

‘Colours Of Grace’ features Mick Moss of Antimatter, his voice works wonderfully with Cammie’s with delicate yet foreboding acoustic guitar to accompany. Their melodic vocals really pierce your heart in this heartfelt and relatable track which will undoubtedly become embedded in your mind.

‘I Mourn These Yellowed Leaves’ displays some of the most impressive and demonic growls seen so far making it a very vigorous and memorable.

To give you some time to reflect we are graced with another instrumental ‘September’ (Those Who Come Before) which is a hauntingly beautiful piano driven number which is serene and hopeful yet with sombre undertones.

‘Total Failure Apparatus’ in stark contrast to the blissful calm of the previous track slams hard with devasting vocals before Cammie swoons in to turn things around and offer a glimmer of hope. This song features some of the most aggressive moments and takes you on quite the whirlwind journey.

‘The Red Flower’ Cammie describes the song as “this lucid ambiguous outlook of contradictory statements to reflect standards that women are withheld under and all the kind of things women have to navigate in their lives and psyche”  – the track takes its hold with heavy lavish intense instruments and emotive driven vocals that leave you clinging onto every word.

They end on a delicious dark cover of Type O Negative’s ‘Wolf Moon’ which they fully embrace and give it their all with its gothic ambience and Cammie’s beautiful charming vocals, making for a perfect closer which sits well amongst their own impressive offerings.

This album is intelligible, thought provoking and highly immersive and will leave a massive impact on your heart and soul. It is grandiose in every element and takes you on an enriched cathartic journey, the perfect progressive metal storm.

To find out more about the upcoming release check out our interview with vocalist Cammie Gilbert here:

Check out their single/video for ‘The Adorned Fathomless Creation’ taken from the album:

Oceans Of Slumber Upcoming Self-Titled Album Is Out September 4th 2020 via Century Media Records.

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