REVIEW: ABORTED – ‘LA GRANDE MASCARADE’ EP by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Belgian death metallers Aborted unleash barbaric new EP titled “La Grande Mascarade” on the 17th April 2020 via Century Media Record which is a limited release featuring two new offerings along with a previously unreleased song from the 2018 ‘TerrorVision’ album sessions. Prepare for the onslaught…

‘Gloom and the Art of Tribulation’  is very dark and atmospheric especially with its creepy talking intro to set the scene before all hell breaks loose with alarming riffs, fast drums and demonic vocals, this barrages you throughout and goes on to feature some brilliant sonic instrumental hard-hitting sections and soaring guitars that are all-consuming. A very powerful and forbidding way to start.

‘Serpent of Depravity’ jumps straight into brutality with erratic riffs, pounding drums and guttural vocals. Again we are treated to brilliant blistering guitar work and monstrous sounds throughout unfolding in quick succession. This is chaotic death metal at its finest.

Final offering ‘Funereal Malediction’ manages to surpass the previous tracks with its intensity and darkness with a full on assault of the eardrums as it is crushing and devastating for the entire duration, so it doesn’t disappoint and remains consistent and unrelenting until the end.

After listening to this you will be very riled up and exude endless bounds of energy and rage, which is the exact result you would want and expect from any worthy death metal. They manage to pack so much into this short but sick EP; If you like fast, loud and insane death metal you will most certainly want to add this to your collection.


“La Grande Mascarade” EP is out 17th April 2020 via Century Media Records.

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