Third day of extreme music at Brutal Assault festival served us another great performances. Top place surely belong to witchcult of Electric Wizard among other interesting musicians.

On Friday, there were only a few bands that I was looking forward to, but I was sure that they were going to exceed my expectations. During the late morning, I caught TAPHOS from Denmark with their death metal and brutal vocals. They were a little old school death metal but at the same time their sound was fresh. Not that much traditional rotten guttural metal as Undergang band from same country which was here in Czech some month ago and which was also very excellent.


The highlight of the evening for me was at the Octagon stage. Zuriaake from China were wearing their typical dark robes and coolie straw hats. Their microphones were wrapped in flora and they started with some epic intro music. I was sure this was going to be a hell of an atmospheric show and it was. Their songs were slow and melancholic. Unfortunately, a few songs had more of a “rock” because of their riffing and use of major notes and scales. I felt that it did not fit their music at all. You can take my opinion with a bit of salt; I might be wrong about that music theory-wise. The lightshow was a big bonus for the atmospheric effect. There was not a lot of it, but when there was, it was really nice and magical. The Octagon stage was packed quite a bit, but I was expecting much bigger audience there. Anyways, I was not disappointed and it was damn great show. It was a bit stoic, but I love it that way.


A little after eleven that night, another candidate for Brutal Assault’s top act started to play at one of the main stages. After waiting for two years, we were granted a dose of doom by sabbatical jewel, Electric Wizard. It was an hour of an orgasmic trip into space and time, it didn’t matter if you were sober or high as fuck. They mostly played their older songs and I was especially happy for “Funeralopolis” and “The Chosen Few.” For their finally, they played “See You in Hell,” but because hypnotic state I was in. The music was loud, the performance was top notch and people were banging with their heads to the rhythm and to a perfection. The only thing they were missing was the old movie projections on the backdrop like they had two years ago. I could hear some in the crowd complaining about it, but I really do not know why it was such a problem. Ungrateful beings…

Electric Wizard

PRIMORDIAL was next and even though I was not planning on watching them, I did. They were a combination of heaviness and black metal. They were similar to Bathory, but it was so well done, I actually watched their set until the very end, there was no way I was going to leave early. Their performance was stellar and they had a caped front man, A.A., with his lightly theatrical but not overplayed approach. His vocals were also perfect, they were full of urgency but very clear without the usual black metal screams. I would personally say, he is the Bruce Dickinson of Black Metal.


The night wasn’t over yet and after PRIMORDIAL was first generation of Black Metal legends, HELLHAMMER (TRIUMPH OF DEATH). They played material that the metal world has never heard live…ever! For me, their music was more rock ‘n’ roll than black metal, but the crowd was still pumped nonetheless. Their bassist, Mia Wallace, also plays bass for Abbath and added a lot of presence to the whole show with her energy and show(wo)manship. And after HELLHAMMER left the large stage, that was a wrap for my Friday at Brutal Assault.

Hellhammer – Triumph of death

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