The second day has served us another great dose of extreme music. Mentioned highlights go to stoner doom and black metal.

The first band of the day started during late morning (and the only morning throughout the whole festival that I was able to wake up early enough for) was BRUTALLY DECEASED. They are from my home, the Czech Republic, and were a dose of the honest old schood death metal even though the band hasn’t existed long enough to be called old. I likened them to being crushed by a steamroller due to Michal‘s brutal vocals, howevery they have a feel of some modern progression that could be felt in few songs. BRUTALLY DECEASED also had the privilege of playing two times that day because DEICIDE had to cancel their appearance due to a missed flight.

Brutally Deceased

Just after lunchtime, the Brazilian brothers of KRISIUN gave us another dose of death metal. The boys have been nailing it for almost thirty years now and it looks like they won‘t quit anytime soon. While death metal is not my favourite style, my heart became warm and happy after this performance. I have to add that the custom bass that Alex (insert last name) was playing, looked pretty sweet.


During the early evening, my buddy grabbed me to see LIONHEART. I don’t listen to hardcore at home but live, it is ok. This was actually quite a blast. We witnessed an energic setlist and also some witty banter from singer Rob Watson. The energy exhanged with the crowd was excellent and we could also see a musculature and undressing of the bassist Travis, alias „Big Boy.“


One of my main acts I was here to see was a obscure, single-member project called VARGRAV. The Finnish project of V-Khaos was my sure bet and it was great portion of black metal similar to acts as Limbonic art. Not that extreme black metal mixed with some keys was soothing to our ears. The band played at the small Octagon stage which suited this band nicely. Because of their makeup, it was quite hard to recognize any particular member. Hell, I hardly could tell who was V-Khaos himself of the bunch, it was all part of the mysterious allure I guess. VARGRAV was one of my favorite acts of the festival for me.


An hour and a half later, another traditional black metal band started to play in the bigger Obscure tent. This time it was the Norwegian black metal band, KAMPFAR. Personally, I would define this show as a classic Norwegian black metal on cocaine similar to TAAKE who also played here, but I did not get to see them this time. I was fortunate to witness KAMFAR‘s guitarist, Ole Hartvigsen, at a Gaahl‘s Wyrd concert in Prague recently, so I was looking forward to seeing him with KAMPFAR. KAMPFAR‘s show was full of energy and the crowd was crazy and very active. I missed some added value tho. But it is just me.

Kampfar and fans

I had to leave the KAMFAR show early because WINDHAND, one of the other bands I was most looking forward to seeing, was playing during the same timeframe. They played at the small Octagon stage and it was fucking packed with everyone crammed together like sardines. The Stoner/Doom genre was well represented this year. I was really looking forward to seeing this band, especially since bassist Chandler Parker plays in my one of my favorite bands, COUGH. I was little anxious because I had heard from friends that have seen WINDHAND before, that Dorothia can be a little unpredictable with her singing. Well, it was true and there were no problems during their set. Her voice was nice and there were no fuck-ups. The overall sound was great. I felt that the sound engineer did a good job, there was ton of reverb which I enjoyed a lot. I felt that they sounded better live compared to their albums. Also, I really have to say that the Octagon stage is probably my favourite place for concerts at Brutal Assault due the scheduling of unique bands which were presented here. The only drawback that it was packed most of the time, but it was worth the inconvenience.


To not disgrace my friend (who is a huge punk and crust fan) and guitarist from my own band, I had to see DISCHARGE at the Obscure stage. The band has been in existance since 1977 and even with all the lineup changes, is still quite respectable and going strong. The crowd exerienced a genuine combination of punk, crust and d-beat. It was getting quite late, but no one seemed to mind.


After DISCHARGE, and at the same stage, the last band of the day was UNE MISÉRE. They are a mix of dark hardcore and post black metal in the similar manner as DÉLUGE which played the previous day. The band looked very uniform and consistent thanks to similar outfits. I coudn’t say anything negative about them, yet I got the feeling that some people in the crowd though this was another post-metal generic band which there are plenty. I didn’t care, I was satisfied.

Une Misére

Some honorable mentions from the day were the hardcore veterans, WALLS OF JERICHO, from the United States. Their singer, Candace, with her strong voice, was a presence on the main stage during the afternoon. Another band, Finnish legends Omnium Gatherum, played at the Obscure stage, really pleased that crowd also.

Walls of Jericho, Omnium Gatherum, Carpenter Brut

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