LIKE A STORM announce new album “Catacombs”; launch video for first single “The Devil Inside”!

New Zealand’s highest-charting rock act LIKE A STORM is returning with new music next month. The band is slated to release “Catacombs” digitally on June 22nd (also physically in North America). The European physical release will follow on July 13th. “Catacombs” marks the first album from the band in three years since the release of “Awaken The Fire” in 2015, which spawned the hit singles “Love The Way You Hate Me,” “Become The Enemy,” “Wish You Hell” and “Break Free”. The digital album is now available for pre-order with the two tracks “Pure Evil” and “The Devil Inside” as Instant Grat Tracks. Find all downloads and streams here:

From the opening melody of debut single “The Devil Inside” to the closing riff of “Pure Evil,” it is apparent LIKE A STORM have not lost a step in writing infectious, heavy music. The Auckland-bred brothers— Chris Brooks, Matt Brooks, Kent Brooks, alongside Los Angeles drummer Zach Wood – have created a style all their own with the introduction of the didgeridoo into harder music. The didgeridoo opens the first single “The Devil Inside”

unnamed (1).jpg

The track listing for Catacombs is:                               

  1. The Devil Inside
  2. Out Of Control
  3. Catacombs
  4. Complicated (Stitches & Scars)
  5. Solitary
  6. The Bitterness
  7. Until The Day I Die
  8. Hole In My Heart
  9. Bullet In The Head
  10. These Are The Bridges You Burned Down
  11. Pure Evil


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