Steelfest Open Air 2018 – Final Hours and Exclusive Performances




In this current age where political nonsense has become a regular hindrance to the live extreme metal scene, it is becoming less and less common to find festivals, venues and promoters who have been unscathed by the backlash. Steelfest Open Air is one festival in Finland that has had little get in the way of their annual conquest of Hyvinkää.

This year’s lineup boasts an array of international and local acts.  Headliners include Watain (Sweden), Mortiis (Norway), Tormentor (Hungary) as well as many other much anticipated appearances such as Nokturnal Mortum (Ukraine), Cult of Fire (Czech Republic), Destroyer 666 (Australia) as well as homegrown Moonsorrow, Alghazanth, and Satanic Warmaster along with many other black,death,folk and other obscure metal bands.

Along with these much anticipated acts and a few first timers to Finland, Steelfest 2018 will be the host of several special, exclusive and final performances. Mortiis (alternative rock/industrial from Norway), will perform a unique exclusive reinterpretation of “-Ånden som gjorde opprør” in its entirety.



Necros Christos (black/death metal from Germany) will play their first live gig after two years. The performance at Steelfest 2018 will be their first show including new material from their final album “Domedon Doxomedon” which will be released the day before their appearance at Steelfest, marking the beginning of their end.



Tormentor (black metal from Hungary), will play an exclusive show at Steelfest which will coincide with the 30th anniversary of the “unrelease” of their first full length recording “Anno Domini”.



Steelfest 2018 will also mark the end for Finnish black metal veterans Alghazanth after 22 years. They released their final album “Eight Coffin Nails”on 31.3.2018 and will play their last public performance at the festival on 19.5.


Steelfest Open Air is a two day metal festival, which will be going on its 7th consecutive year, is situated in the heart of Hyvinkää, Finland at the Old Wool Factory. Two day and one day tickets can be purchased from There are also limited tickets available for purchase which include sleeping accommodations at the nearby school’s sports hall. Since the festival is situated in the city, there are also other hotels nearby as well as shops and restaurants. Gates open on Friday 18.5 at 15:00 and on Saturday 19.5 at 13:00.  More information can be found here:


Only one month left before this legendary festival opens its gates! Don’t miss this chance to see such monumental bands in their final hour as well as exclusive sets, first timers and the overall unique atmosphere of Steelfest 2018. Check out our Spotify playlist to get you hyped:




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