BORN FROM LIE unveil new video “An Endless Journey”

BORN FROM LIE just released  its new video taken from their new album ‘The New World Order Part 1″, that will release on April 13th.

As band explains:
“For “An endless journey” video shooting, we were looking for a place which could tell visually the story of the song and of the album. Our choice has fallen upon a former military fort in the Paris region, where we shot the video in December 2017.  There,  important visual elements and the history of the place appeared to us in perfect agreement with the story of our concept album: the ramparts following the fort and the giant door making  the access to the place impossible; the no-man’s land’s aspect of this abandoned place.”

Founded in 2014, BORN FROM LIE is a band at the intersection of rock and metal music. For our third  album “The new world order part I” we launched ourselves into a concept where each track is a chapter of a single overall story.



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