Red Eleven released a new single “Back In Time”

Finnish alternative rock band Red Eleven has released a new single “Back In Time”. The track is at it’s best on shaking the people in middle of their autumn depression. Track presents a bit easier side of Red Eleven and leads the listeners to take a look at the mirror and rethink their values.

“Lyrically the theme is a bit same as with the earlier single ‘You’ve been Warned’ – yearn for past, things undone, words unspoken. It’s truly sad how many of Us doesn’t wake up until on his or her death bed. Days go by as on autopilot-mode covered on the grey blanket of the ordinary days and when the weekend come You drunkenly complain how things were better before. People don’t have the courage to look into the mirror in this world of over-performers because they are too afraid that they will lose themselves. Clishe? Maybe.. However everything goes on as before”, vocalist Tony Kaikkonen sum up.

Band is playing a release show today at Semifinal club Helsinki. All other gigs are announced at

Red Eleven’s music is also on Finnish super hero movie “Rendel” soundtrack with the previously released track “Unleash the beast”. Rendel premieres today on cinemas across Finland.

Listen the single:

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