Portugal’s HOOFMARK to release “Stoic Winds” through Ultraje

Ultraje is a magazine that pays attention to the big names but it’s also very dedicated to the underground. Thus, in this second half of 2017 it was decided that it is time to continue writing about music but also to release it, and Portugal’s Hoofmark is Ultraje’s first release as a record label.

Originally released in November digitally and on cassette, “Stoic Winds” will now have a CD release on December 8th, 2017.

Hailing from Lisbon, Nuno Ramos knows no boundaries or labeling, and it is also due to its conceptual risk that Hoofmark deserves a physical version that will stand on the collectors’ shelves.

If tracks like “Amongst a Sea of Darkness”, “Stoic Winds” and “From the Foot of God’s Throne” are influenced by the archaic eras of black metal, with Bathory and Mayhem at their head, the track “Dust Trails” elaborates a sound that approaches the americana and country genres with dissonances and rawness to the full, showing that the artist does not go with trends but with soul. And if with “Dust Trails Blazing” we are caught up in a doom raid, then this won’t be a shock.

More details will be revealed soon.

«Hoofmark navigates through lo-fi waters and, in addition to other predicates, its black/punk + country blend is ​​the great attraction of “Stoic Winds”. There are nine tracks and about 50 minutes of unconventional and unlabeled sound. Forget about black metal-related commonplaces and enjoy this meal that has ingredients as important and seminal as Bathory, NWOBHM, old-Sepultura, Johnny Cash, among other striking references.» (Review on Ultraje, in November 2016, by Rui Vieira)


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