We Came From Wolves return with latest EP “Haunt Me” due to be released digitally via HeartOut Records on 22/09/17 supported by a European tour in October.

The EP is the follow up to the critically acclaimed self-titled debut album from 2015 which garnered national support from Rock Sound, Kerrang!, Big Cheese, The Skinny and countless online zines and blogs. It also picked up the Scottish Music Industry “SAMA” award for “Best Rock/Alternative”

The EP includes the standalone singles “Places Unfamiliar” and “The Peak Beneath the Sea” along with three new tracks. It takes the pop-driven material from the debut and flips it upside down & turns it inside out making it something a lot grittier and raw whilst keeping those catchy pop hooks. Pounding drums, thundering bass and snarling guitars delivered with a rasping vocal shows We Came From Wolves at the top of their game.

The passion and truth in these tracks shine through triumphantly showing the bands emo and hardcore roots. They’ve shown absolutely no regard for the “play-it-safe” playlist seeking culture that entraps so many of today’s acts. Ironically this freedom of creativity has seen the recent releases getting huge support from Spotify in the U.K., France and Germany. As a result, their following on the continent has picked up significantly.

The EP follows a strong theme of escaping pain and sadness through passion and love and overcoming the hard times to come out the other side stronger with the help of those people and even past times that you love.

Vocalist – Kyle – believes this work is the bands finest and most important work to date;

“This EP was never meant to be. I had been working on songs for a second album which felt like they literally saved me after some struggles with my mental health. I felt burnt out, we’d gone through more member changes, I’d been struggling with other things in my personal life and I wasn’t sure if the band, my true passion in life, was going to continue. I wrote “Places Unfamiliar” and “The Peak Beneath the Sea” and it felt like seeing a picture of happier times from younger, less complicated days…why was I trying to write the next track for mainstream radio, this wasn’t what I listened to, how I started writing, what made me feel alive, what let me address truths, love, pain, regret…these songs rejuvenated me, and We Came From Wolves as a whole. We released “Places Unfamiliar” in late 2016 and “The Peak Beneath the Sea” in early 2017 and were set to continue working on a second album that was true to us, however, I had the bug and continue writing, I wrote around 25 tracks in the same vein and we were then approached by a European label and European booker and decided to give our fans more of a taste of what’s to come by adding three of the tracks I’ve been working on to the other two singles. These songs say everything I’d been afraid to before, afraid of getting in too deep, of bearing scars or looking in the mirror, but those who love this band will love this material, it’s about laying my cards on the table and becoming stronger for allowing others in. It’s always ok not to be ok, but you have to let others in to heal. This release, and what’s to come is not only the healing of this band, it’s our growth into our strongest form to date.”

We Came From Wolves have amassed a strong live following, working hard to build their fan base from the ground up, playing shows up and down the country. Places Unfamiliar hit new heights for the band, playlisted on the official Spotify Rock Charts in the UK, Germany and France. In April and May, the band embarked on a Scottish tour to promote their previous single The Peak Beneath The Sea, also performing at various festivals across the UK over the summer with a booked European tour coming in October as they bring their raw energy, passion and heart- on-sleeve rock to audiences old and new.

unnamed (20).jpg

  • Haunt Me is out on 22nd September 2017 via HeartOut Records.
  • We Came From Wolves are available for interviews and live sessions
  • We Came From Wolves on Facebook: www.facebook.com/wecamefromwolves
  • We Came From Wolves on Twitter: @WCFWmusic
  • We Came From Wolves on Instagram: @wecamefromwolves

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