HAUTAJAISYÖ Released a second single from their upcoming album “Matkalla Kohti Hautaan”.

Messenger of Finnish melancholy and sorrow Hautajaisyö (Funeral Night) released a new single today July 19th 2017 via Inverse Records. This is the second single from the upcoming second album. New single is called ”Vain Tuhkasi Sinusta Muistuttaa” (only your ashes reminds of you) and it tells a sad story of a final goodbye. It’s one of the saddest songs from the band, but still keeps the band’s rough touch. Beautiful melodic guitars mixed with low growling vocalist gives this song a unique atmosphere. This song has been a hit in live shows and there have been many tears in the audience.
The B-side from the new single is far different type of song. ”Joukko Teräksinen” (men of steel) is a song made for Kuopion Steelers american football team as a goal song. It moves in a bit different themes than the band normally does, but still keeps up the band’s style. Song tells about a medieval battleground and it plays in team’s home games when they score a goal.

Listen to the “Vain Tuhkasi Sinusta Muistuttaa” single on


unnamed (52)

Artwork by Minttu Harju.

Hautajaisyö – Vain Tuhkasi Sinusta Muistuttaa (Inverse Records 19.7.2017)
01. Vain Tuhkasi Sinusta Muistuttaa
02. Joukko Teräksinen

Janne Partanen – Vocals
Sami Pirskanen – Guitars
Ville Moisanen – Guitars
Simo Pesonen – Bass
Teemu Roth – Drums

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