REVIEW: Cyclocosmia – “Immure EP”

Cyclocosmia – “Immure EP”

Review by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy


Cyclocosmia is a progressive doom metal project from London, UK comprised of Aliki Katriou (vocals) and multi-talented James Scott (songwriter/producer) who plays all the instruments throughout. The duo also collaborate with guest musicians all over the world. Their debut album ‘Deadwood’ received critical acclaim and now they are looking to equally impress with their latest offering, new EP, ‘Immured’. The EP has a concept and doesn’t follow the norm, as you are meant to listen to it as a continuous 17 minute song, rather than individual tracks. It follows the story of a Roman Vestal Virgin who is condemned to live burial for breaking her vows. The bleak story certainly helps feed their impressive and unique symphonic doom…

Immured Part I’ opens on an ethereal, alluring yet alarming note, simply setting the scene for what lies ahead…’Part II’ kicks right off in symphonic glory with beautiful and dark clean vocals from Aliki Katriou, with savage screams in contrast from James Scott, but the balance is just right, and the results are both shocking and stunning.
Part III is on the angelic side initially before the heavy guitars accompany and showcase some solid and resonant tones, giving the song a lot of depth. The vocal variations offer even more diversity and give it a slightly deranged sound in the greatest sense. There is a lot going on here but it still manages to remain coherent and float seamlessly along in harmony. It is a very captivating and immersive sound that will surely lure you in…

The final chapter in this dark story, ‘IV’ starts with an eerie and delightful acoustic guitar section which complements Aliki’s high pitched and sorrowful vocals perfectly. James displays his impressive guitar capabilities further, amongst the epic drawn out doom symphonies with demonic growls laced throughout. It is cleverly structured and layered, making it a must hear. It offers tranquillity and angst all in one offering, something which the EP displays wonderfully throughout its dark emotional and thought provoking endeavour.

Score: 4/5

 Label:  self-released
 Release Date:  January 27th, 2017
 Genre:  symphonic/doom metal
 Country:  UK



1. Immured Part I
2. Immured Part II
4. Immured Part III
5. Immured Part IV
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