Krysthla Posts Lyric Video For “Make Disciples Of The Nations”

British extreme metallers Krysthla have just dropped a punishingly epic lyric video for new song ‘Make Disciples Of The Nations


The track is the second song to be taken from the Northamptonshire’s forthcoming brutal sophomore album.

“‘Make Disciples Of The Nations‘ is buried in the feeling of helplessness and despair as the world is plunged into misery as the wars keep coming. An endless stream of ignorant cannon fodder gets in line to go and do their part for democracy but it all means nothing in reality.  Eventually, all the nations of the world will be without culture or individuality. Goddess Columbia rules ok!” – Neil Hudson (guitars / lyricist)
Hailed by Metal Hammer Magazine (UK) as “setting 2016 on fire” (alongside Textures Dream Theater, Anthrax, and Devin Townsend) one of the finest extreme metal acts around will release their second album ‘Peace In Our Time’ on 7th April 2017 via PHD.
This new studio offering from Krysthla sees the British five-piece producing something extremely special. Part metal, part extreme, part technical, part progressive… Aurally this is a metal fan’s nirvana. There’s an abundance of aggression on offer, and yet the power of the band is amplified even more with melodic tinges and lighter musical landscapes, which never detract from the powerhouse delivery Krysthla is renowned for.


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