AVERSIONS CROWN “Xenocide” Out Now!

Like a cataclysmic storm making landfall, the brand new album »Xenocide« from crushing Brisbane outfit AVERSIONS CROWN is here to destroy everything in its path.

On the goal in mind when writing »Xenocide«, guitarist mastermind Chris Cougan says “we wanted to accentuate our strengths as Aversions Crown; the extreme drumming, the guitar interplay, Mark’s awesome vocals and really work on the arrangements instead of having a bunch of riffs on top of some blasts.”

With a loose conceptual framework at play across »Xenocide«’s tales of destruction, revenge, reanimation and murder, Poida enthuses “I really got an awesome brutal canvas to paint a horrible evil lyrical picture on. We pushed it to the limits of our songwriting ability and are very proud of the record.”

Order the album now here: http://nblast.de/AversionsCrownXenocide
Or buy the digital version of »Xenocide« here: http://nblast.de/AversionsCrownDigital


#darkartconspiracy #metal #news


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