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Emily Lazar (SEPTEMBER MOURNING) Continues to Break Ground in NFT World with SEPTEMBER MONSTERS!

Emily Lazar of SEPTEMBER MOURNING–following her hugely successful foray as the first female rock/metal front person to create and sell a music and animation NFT on March 5, 2021–continues to forge new paths into the growing NFT world for musicians and bands to create unique fan opportunities that include collectible art as well as live performance experiences and music content.

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Emily Lazar (September Mourning) Teams up with Jesse Meester and Griffin Carlson to Create “Thinking of You”

On May 2nd, Emily Lazar of September Mourning (the first female rock/ metal front person to create and sell an NFT ), Jesse Meester (Actor, Entrepreneur with 1.8 million social media followers) and Griffin Carlson (Digital and NFT artist under the moniker romanticappeal) will be revealing their combined efforts to create a unique NFT collection, “Thinking of You”. All three artists met through the NFT community and decided to combine their similar aesthetics and different strengths to create art and benefit two charities they are passionate about. Equal profit share from the sale of this NFT collection will be donated to both The World Wildlife Federation and The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.

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EMILY LAZAR (SEPTEMBER MOURNING) Leads the Way Launching Music and Animation NFT

Emily Lazar is the first female rock/ metal front person to create and launch a music and animation NFT (Non-fungible token), on Friday, March 5, 2021.

Emily created and leads September Mourning, a transmedia project spanning music, animation, graphic novels, video, costume design and more. Naturally, she wanted to expand the universe of September Mourning into NFTs, a new realm of creative possibility on the forefront of the digital landscape.

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SEPTEMBER MOURNING Release Official Music Video for New Single, “Kill This Love”

Hard Rock, Graphic Novel Art Project SEPTEMBER MOURNING storms into 2021 with a visually stunning music video for their newest single, “Kill This Love.” Originally premiered on Metal Injection, the video was created by Rich Juzwick and is the follow up to “Wake The Dead” in preparation for the band’s upcoming full length release, Volume IV; “Kill This Love” is their second single partnered with Legend Recordings & INgrooves.

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REVIEW: September Mourning – Volume II

September Mourning – Volume II Album Review

by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy


September Mourning is more than just a band, they are a transmedia dark creative project originally created by front-woman Emily Lazar and Top Cow founder/artists Marc Silvestri. Lazar takes on the persona of September Mourning on stage, a unique character who is a half-human, half-reaper hybrid who helps souls complete tasks they left unfinished before they died, taking place in multiple worlds. The story unfolds on different media platforms, the albums, comics and live shows. September Mourning are back to unveil more of their story with Volume II which is tied in with Volume I, featuring old and new tracks alongside each other. Buckle up to discover something completely different and intriguing…

‘The Collection’ is atmospheric, creepy and ambient, acting as the perfect introduction to set the stage and prepare you for what is to come…
‘Angels To Dust’ has a massive dysfunctional unhinged sound. Lazar’s vocals instantly draw you in, paired with electronic outbursts which are very effective before the heavy riffage and backdrop kicks in at the chorus. This is organised musical chaos at its best, with so much texture and depth all delivered in an intelligible and thrilling form.
First single ‘Eye Of The Storm’ which has racked up an impressive 100,000 views with the video to accompany it, (all within a month!) with their visual animations, something the band pride themselves on in art and storytelling. The song itself possesses a strong presence and forceful chorus, making it a must hear.
‘Before The Fall’ hooks you immediately with catchy riffs and ethereal vocals and effects which are well placed, as seen throughout. ‘Children Of Fate’ may well be the most meaningful and prominent song featured, as this is named after September Mourning’s fan base of the same name. Their dedicated fans helped them launch their graphic novel via a Kickstart campaign, helping take the band to a new dimension and level. This album is especially for the ‘Children Of Fate’ and the message within it portrays this. The song is bizarre and deliciously dark with a defiant sound that truly encompasses the fantasy story from their comic.

September Mourning - Promo Photo.jpg
‘Skin & Bones’ has strong rhythms that is bound to get you moving, especially along with its anthemic singalong chorus. Keeping up the momentum and following on perfectly is latest single ’20 Below’, which is infectiously catchy, layered with melodic guitar riffs and has the components of a solid rock favourite, especially live.
‘Superhuman’ is an action packed exceptionally memorable song, with irresistible beats and rhythms, they certainly triumph yet again with this track which deserves to be in the spotlight. You won’t be able to get this song out of your head! The ending sounds like a subliminal message, but actually offers a motivational message in keeping with their vision.
Closing song, ‘Til You See Heaven’ has a brilliant dark ambience, which is beautiful and haunting, managing to bring all the best elements of their all-consuming sound as a perfect reflective ending. The album is very thought provoking so you need some time to digest this stunning journey, so this is a wise song to end on.
One of the most powerful things about music is escapism and to forget everything else and just be overcome by the music, September Mourning take this to the highest degree with their clever and intriguing fantasy story, and even though it is based on fictional characters and events, the messages are relatable in the real world also, giving them even more depth and creativity. The fact that they intertwine Volume 1 with the new offerings in the second chapter is well constructed and aids the storytelling further, with the new and old complimenting each other to get the full picture. This is truly an epic and inspiring masterpiece which I am very glad to have discovered, for those that aren’t familiar with this band, I strongly urge you to listen and be enthralled by their music and dark ventures…

Score: 5/5


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