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LIVE REVIEW: Mammothfest presents: Brutality Will Prevail, Raging Speedhorn, Bleed Again plus supports – The Arch, Brighton UK – 6th May 2017

LIVE REVIEW: Mammothfest presents: Brutality Will Prevail, Raging Speedhorn, Bleed Again plus supports – The Arch, Brighton UK – 6th May 2017 by Carina Lawrence


Headliners Brutality Will Prevail Cause Carnage!

All Photos Courtesy of Luke Buteman and Ajit Dutta (Raid Studios)


This marked the third ‘Mammothfest Presents’ show of the year (following hosting headliner shows with Feed The Rhino and Vader), and this time it was a seriously hardcore and metalcore affair, offering more diversity. These shows are aimed at different rock/metal genres and continue to highlight the importance of supporting local acts, especially with this third instalment, as this event was to celebrate the launch of upcoming Worthing metallers Bleed Again debut album ‘Momentum’, and what a way to launch your album, amongst heavyweights such as heavy metal veterans Raging Speedhorn and modern hardcore heroes Brutality Will Prevail who headlined the event.



So I unfortunately missed the opening act, Operation Kino on the main stage, so I headed to the Rikstock stage (second stage) to see what was happening there and saw my first band of the day Confronted a crossover hardcore thrash band from the South Coast, UK. I’m very glad I witnessed this – for an opening act to put on an unforgettable and mental set like they did was unforeseen. Vocalist Ryan Hull quite simply was unhinged, with his confrontational and unpredictable stage antics. He literally pushed and shoved the crowd, and got right in your face, and managed to get around in places that he shouldn’t, such as behind the bar and standing on the counter, as well as just randomly and aggressively descending to the floor and laying in awkward places. You can see why they are called Confronted, luckily this went down well with the crowd for the most part, who were enthralled yet perhaps on edge understandably. He also kept getting a floor tom drum out sporadically and dragging and throwing it around whilst amongst the crowd. By the end, he had enough of the drum and smashed through it and wore it on his head, adding to the comical factor of their set. Humour aside, they have a brilliant aggressive sound and went out on a high, closing their energetic, brutal and awe-inspiring set with an impressive cover of Soulfly’s ‘Seek ‘N’ Strike’.


Bleak Falls

After a 3-year break, Worthing act Bleak Falls are back on the live scene, luckily for Brighton, as their melodic emotive hardcore went down well with the crowds, especially aided by front-man Rudi’s passionate, emotive and deep performance. They had great energy and as you would expect after their break, they came back fighting with new song ‘Love Hate Love’ which is the title track taken from their upcoming full-length album, which hopefully will be out soon, but the exact date isn’t yet confirmed.

Five piece metalcore band Everest also from the South of the UK, managed to get the first real mosh pit of the day when commanded. They were very safety conscious giving everyone a heads up so you knew when to expect things to get more savage. Bassist Owen helped engage and get the crowd going more-so by coming into the crowd a few times to rock out with the fans. This was a strong set with their hard hitting sounds receiving some good applause and appreciation from the crowd.

Seek nothing from Germany although they deliver hardcore music, injected some light heartiness into their set through vocalist Mike, with his great sense of humour, including shaming his sister in the crowd for being on the phone, having a dig at themselves for ruining people’s day after all the good bands, and also starting a new saying and getting people shouting “trifle of mosh” which could catch on. Jokes aside they have a great serious sound and ex-bassist Anthony Giles from Brighton made a few guest vocal appearances throughout the set, which made for some good collaborations and dynamics, throwing the mic into the crowd and screaming back at each other.

Death remains have built quite a reputation for their energetic and relentless shows and they lived up to this, with their great melodic sound and dominating stage presence. They recently unleashed their sophomore album ‘Destroy/Rebuild’ and treated us to some new tracks, including closing with the brilliant ‘Rebuild’ which is also the final track on their album. This show marked the end of their tour with tour mates and band of the day Bleed Again, and what a way to finish up.


Bleed Again

The band of the day Worthing metallers Bleed again certainly stood out with a stunning set as they should for their album launch show for the masterful debut album ‘Momentum’. They played all their finest and crowd-pleasing songs, which resulted in many a mental mosh pit, lots of bouncing and plenty of head banging for the entirety of their set. They fittingly opened with the blistering ‘Decimate’ the opening track on the album and went on to play the dominating anthemic likes of ‘Slavery’ and the perfect singalong ‘Icarus’ which had the crowd going wild. Latest single ‘Walk Through The Fire’ made a massive impact with the whole room appreciating their well-crafted melodic metal. They ended their soaring set with ‘Through My Eyes’ which gave the pit one more heavy workout. It is clear why they have earnt a respectful and well-known reputation for their energetic live shows, and have built a very loyal local fanbase as a result. With a brilliant debut now under their belt, Bleed Again are ones to watch and will no doubt be earning a lot more fans. For their hard work and efforts the man behind Mammothfest, Steve Dickson kindly presented them with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate their debut release and achievements.

British hardcore punk act Giants from Essex, UK were high on the bill with their great sound, which embraces melodic hardcore and the essence of punk. Unfortunately there was a low turnout for their set for some reason, but nonetheless, everyone who was there enjoyed themselves and enthusiastically danced and head-banged along to their catchy tunes from them 2016 debut album ‘Break The Cycle’.


Raging Speedhorn


Second headliners Raging Speedhorn from Northamptonshire UK have been around since 1998 on and off and quickly established themselves in the UK metal scene. This was a special show as it was vocalist Frank Regan’s first show back with the band, joining other vocalist John Loughlin to deliver a dynamic and crushing unstoppable blow. The energy, intensity and craftsmanship were immense throughout their entire set. The crowds were constantly moving and some extreme circle pits opened up, with fans running around madly pushing each other in what was a very packed room. Their years of experience shined through, as their performance was tight, commanding and they possessed great stage presence and interaction. They have recently released their fifth album ‘Lost Ritual’ and played the instant fan favourite ‘Motorhead’. They also as you would expect played well known and popular classic songs such as ‘Thumper’ and the hard-hitting ‘The Hate Song’ which made for ridiculous crowd reactions. This was a punishing and highly enjoyable set, and was definitely one of the best sets of the day which you would expect from these heavy metal veterans.


Brutality Will Prevail


It was clear to see that Welsh hardcore outfit Brutality Will Prevail were headlining, and who better for a day of predominately hardcore music to close the day. The level of crowd participation and mental antics went to a whole new level. There were safety barriers in place between the band and the fans, which was immediately broken as the fans were ravenous and grabbing front-man Louis Gauthier and sharing the mic with him, showing their devotion by passionately screaming the lyrics. From start to finish it was constant spinning kicks, circle pits and stage invasion, with fans wildly getting on stage and jumping off. Later in the set, they triumphantly carried Louis high above their heads to show their appreciation of their set and by the end, it was all too much, the crowd just couldn’t contain themselves as they fully engulfed the stage. The band themselves had heaps of energy impressively jumping at any given opportunity and with no depletion of their stamina in sight. They played some new songs from their latest killer album ‘In Dark Places’ such as the dark anthemic ‘Forever Restless’ and ‘Penitence’, as well playing some well-known tracks from them back catalogue, including their most popular song ‘The Path’. Their set was relentless and utterly exhausting, but brilliant and demonstrated why they were the front runners of this ferocious event.

This was a resounding success amongst the fans and bands alike, with everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves and letting loose, whether that was moshing, doing spinning kicks, jumping or taking over the stage, this was very brutal and was the mere definition of hardcore. Mammothfest now has three successful diverse all day gigs under their belts, all of which are contributing and building momentum and hype for the main festival, which takes place at The Arch venue yet again on October 6-8th. The metal scene is clearly strong in Brighton and these shows are a testimony to that. The shows highlight the ethos behind Mammothfest, bringing emerging and big acts together, offering something for all and showcasing the best local acts going. So spread the word of what savagery and enjoyment took place here and see you at the main Mammothfest event.


6-8th October: Mammothfest main event – Fleshgod Apocalypse, Rotting Christ, Tsjuder, Lawnmower Deth, Dragged Into Sunlight, Meta-Stasis, OHHMS, Lagerstein, Bleed Again & more! Tickets: http://mammothfest.uk/STORE/


mammothfest poster line-up




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LIVE REVIEW: Mammothfest Presents: Feed The Rhino Plus Supports – The Green Door Store, Brighton UK – 1st April 2017

LIVE REVIEW: Mammothfest Presents: Feed The Rhino Plus Supports – The Green Door Store, Brighton UK – 1st April 2017 by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Photo by Luke Bateman

Six months ago the Green Door Store was one of the venues to host the triumphant Mammothfest 2016 which included headliners Venom Inc, Textures and Conan and now Brighton metal heads gathered again here, for the first all day ‘Mammothfest Presents’ show of 2017, with headliners Feed The Rhino. The band were set to appear at the festival back in 2015 but were unable to, so to make it up to fans they had the honour of headlining the first of many Mammothfest events that are set to occur throughout the year, gearing up to the main festival taking place October 6-8th 2017.

The first band to kick things off were a very last minute replacement. An alternative grunge rock act from Weymouth called Tension Head – but what a welcome addition. They had a great groovy grunge sound, and marked a very different sound to what Mammothfest audiences are used to, being more accessible and mainstream, but it went down a treat with everyone dancing along. Even though the day was young as it was only 2pm the turnout was surprisingly good…

Next to take to the stage and in stark contrast to the opener was death metallers, End Of Salvation who churned out their very mosh worthy hardcore evil sounds. They also tried to start a new trend across the music scene by introducing a move for whose one are holding a beer in their hand, so that everyone can participate in some way. The audience tested this out and it provided some perfect comical material that made their set even more memorable.

Local Brighton band Hawka kept the energy going and with it brought more crowd participation, with frontman Rich jumping off stage and going to the entrance to entice more people in to witness their massive and crushing sound, inspired by the likes of heavyweights Parkway Drive, Machine Head, Korn and more.

LBP+-+2017-04-01+-+KICKFIST+-+GREEN+DOOR+STORE_017.JPGPhoto by Luke Bateman

Crazy Kickfist with said barrel mentioned below!

One of the best sets came from interesting infused nu-metal/industrial punk-core act Kickfist who intrigued the masses with their unique metal and unrelenting sounds, including their unusual but great cover of Prodigy’s popular ‘Firestarter’. Lead by frontman, Zakk Zander who sported a black mask and a baseball bat, the crowds were enthralled and their industrial Slipknot-esque grooves saw the room head banging aplenty and move as one, as their sound commanded it. Near the end of their set Zakk whacked the bat against a barrel to add to their madness so aggressively that he broke it, making for an unforgettable performance.

At the point when As Flames Rise came on, it was still considered quite early at 5pm and I don’t think the band were prepared for the carnage that unfolded and by such a humbling crowd reaction, playing their energetic melodic metal to a packed room now. Here is where some of the progressing circle pit action started to emerge, goaded by their hard hitting dual vocals and fast paced brutal guitars.

Core of iO mixed things up, being one of the first tech metal acts to grace the stage, with a hard heavy rock twist to stand out even further. They showered us with technical dynamic and intelligible sounds, and really showed off their impressive craftsmanship. To keep things well balanced vocalist/guitarist, Bob Tett injected some light hearted humour, commanding the stage even when not playing any music.

Technical melodic metal act The Five Hundred made a mighty return to Mammothfest audiences after opening the festival last year, supporting Textures. As before they got straight to the point, immediately asserting themselves with a very commanding stage presence and sound which was crushing, especially aided by evil demonic vocals from John Eley that soared and punished your eardrums. The crowd were very responsive, particularly during their well-known offering ‘Winters’, as well as treating us to an instant fan favourite with new song, ‘The Rush’ taken from their upcoming EP, ‘The Veil’.

Feed The Rhino LukePhoto by Luke Bateman

Seething Akira’s Mental Set captivated!

The biggest surprise and moment of the night came from electronic dub hard rock heroes, Seething Akira who managed to take crowd participation and energy to a whole new level. They brought the party with their massive mental dance sounds, with the crowd going absolutely wild, with impressive pits forming. It was a non-stop spectacle that had to be seen to be believed. Inspired by the mental antics, frontman Kit Cuntrad threw himself into the crowd, in what was one of the most memorable and thrilling moments of the day, with the crowd proudly holding him high. Everyone in the room was jumping, moshing or bouncing, not a single soul was stood still, a sign that they simple destroyed it. This is a band you need to witness live.

Another anticipated and triumphant return back to Mammothfest was from Bleed Again, a fresh modern metal act from the South Coast. The band delivered one of the most energetic and unrelenting sets of 2016, coming close to upstaging bigger acts. This time round they caused quite a commotion yet again with their massive melodic metal, forcing the crowd to jump and shout along during their entire set, living up to their expectations. They were missing their bass player but luckily had Seething Akira bassist, Richard Speaight to fill in. Unfortunately because of this they didn’t play some of their most dominating songs such as ‘Walk Through The Fire’ and ‘Through My Eyes’, but they did play many a crowd pleaser with songs taken from their upcoming debut album, ‘Momentum’, such as ‘Drowning In Dreams’ and latest song, ‘Decimate’. They end on a belter with ‘Icarus’ which the crowds knew and shouted in unison.

LBP+-+2017-04-01+-+MAGNA+CARTA+-+GREEN+DOOR+STORE_017.JPGPhoto by Luke Bateman

Magna Carta – masters of the metal party anthems!

An explosive set came from Brighton based Metal/Drum ‘n’ Bass crossover act, Magna Carta who evolved from Collisions. Merging new members of other bands to bring their formidable new line-up, with James Hayball (ex Terrathorn) and Steve Dickson (the masked man in Meta-stasis as well as the man behind Mammothfest!). They opened up the dancefloor of metal madness, with endless pits and bouncing unity that left the whole room with an electrifying atmosphere. The perfect main support to get the crowds ready for the monstrous headliners…

Ajit Feed The Rino.jpgPhoto by Ajit Dutta

Headliners Feed The Rhino had the crowd on their knees!

When Feed The Rhino took to the stage, the rammed room suggested the crowd were eager and hungry for Rhino! From start to finish they didn’t let up, offering an hour of craziness and endless energy. Lead singer, Lee Tobin couldn’t contain himself, as he darted around the room and off the stage to get up close and personal with the fans. The band clearly were admired by the fans who awaited their return, and the band themselves revelled being at the forefront of this event, keeping their promise to play following their cancellation in 2015, and making it up to everyone beyond expectations. They delivered a brilliant headliner set and ended the day on an extremely intense yet insanely fun note.

This was a very successful start to the Mammothfest shows. For an all dayer the crowd were energetic and dedicated throughout, even early on in the day, highlighting the importance of such events and how strong the music scene is in Brighton. The atmosphere from the bands and the crowd was amazing, with everyone enjoying themselves and having a blast, especially aided by the newly launched debut of the Mammothfest cider, with the unveiling going down a treat, another proud moment and success the team can add to their list! Mammothfest is thriving and I’m sure the word will spread of the carnage and joy that was witnessed here and will continue at the upcoming shows.



Other Mammothfest events coming up:

Bleed again launch show poster.jpg

6th May: Mammothfest Presents: Brutality Will Prevail, Raging Speedhorn and more for Bleed Again’s album launch show. Tickets: https://mammothfest.uk/product/brutality-will-prevail-raging-speedhorn/


mammothfest poster line-up bleed again

6-8th October: Mammothfest main event – Fleshgod Apocalypse, Rotting Christ, Tsjuder, Lawnmower Deth, Dragged Into Sunlight, Meta-Stasis, OHHMS, Lagerstein, Bleed Again & more! Tickets: http://mammothfest.uk/STORE/


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