Apocalyptica Song Featured In Tim Burton’s Netflix Series ‘Wednesday’

The world’s most successful cello metal band Apocalyptica received pleasant surprising news last week: the third episode of Netflix’s newly released Wednesday series, which immediately became a hit, also includes Apocalyptica’s already iconic version of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters single. Danny Elfman, Burton’s trusted man, is responsible for the score music for Tim Burton’s Addams Family series.

In the Apocalyptica scene, Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) plays the cello, and of course the attention the instrument received was a pleasant surprise for Apocalyptica in every way:

“The cello is now trendy! It’s a great thing!”, Paavo Lötjönen states happily and continues: “We were very surprised by the inclusion of the song and how big a role it played in the final scene of the third episode in terms of storytelling. Cellist girls are modern rebels!”, he smiles.

Apocalyptic’s Nothing Else Matters, released in 1998, has also been joined in the series by numerous other top names in the world; among others, the Rolling Stones, Roy Orbison, Edith Piaf and The Cramps are included.

Apocalyptica, who recently charmed with their show at the Helsinki Jäähalli and after that also visited Japan, will be seen in Finland before Christmas at one gig when the band will take the stage of the John Smith Frozen festival on Saturday this week.



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