CANE HILL release new song “Drag Me Down”

New Orleans band CANE HILL, recently named by Revolver as one of the most anticipated releases of 2022, have roared into 2022 with new single “Drag Me Down.” The band have also released accompanying video.

Watch the video for ‘Drag Me Down’ below:

The song lives on the Krewe D’Amour EP.

“‘Drag Me Down,’ as the culmination of an EP dedicated to heartbreak and loss, is the polarity of its predecessors,” says singer Elijah Witt. “It is my first successful attempt at a true love song. I’ve always found it nearly impossible to write songs with a positive connotation attached to the concept of romance. After listening to Sleep Token on repeat for a month, I realised the only way for me to be satisfied lyrically was to create a bleak environment for my love to exist in. ‘Drag Me Down’ is my passion and desire to remain with the woman I love in life and evermore, wherever our souls may go — in death we will remain.”

Cane Hill dropped the Krewe De La Mort last year.The songs have curried favor everywhere from SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal to Revolver, Loudwire, and beyond.

Blood & Honey
Power of the High
Kill Me
God Is the Enemy
Bleed When You Ask Me


Elijah Witt — Vocals

James Barnett — Guitars

Ryan Henriquez — Bass

Devin Clark — Drums

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