State of Deceit released their debut EP ‘Retribution’

State of Deceit

State of Deceit released their debut EP ‘Retribution’ just before the world stopped with Covid. It combines their love of heavy music, the intense live scene and lyrical issues important to them e.g. mental health, political extremism and abuse. It mixes thrash, groove, metalcore and heavy metal together with a fresh sound recorded at Long Wave Studios with Romesh Dodangoda.  The band have refined their craft on the road playing shows all over Wales and England.

State of Deceit was created from a desire to play heavy music, call out the bullsh*t they see around them and create some body slamming action in the pits. As Musipedia Of Metal commented ‘Although still in their infancy, Retribution is an EP of such massive stature that you could easily be forgiven for thinking that State Of Deceit were entering their second decade as a band.’

The band mix distorted guitars, thumping drums, with clean and growling vocals, taking influences from many metal bands e.g. Pantera, Fit for a King, Slayer, MH, Wage War, KSE, Architects, Arch Enemy, Trivium etc…

With Covid cancelling all the gigs, the band have used the time to write and record their second EP with Tim Hamill, which is due for release later in 2021. They are currently booking dates for later in the year when the live action returns!


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